Why Behavioural Data is Key to Social Selling Success

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Today, businesses and organizations are looking for more from social media when it comes to lead generation, customer acquisition, churn, and more.

This presentation highlights how companies can use behavioural insights from freely available data to meet these needs, and exceed them.

And if you’re ready to talk about social selling and its place in your organization, make sure you download our Social Selling one-sheet, then contact us to arrange one of our social selling workshops for your organization.


2 thoughts on “Why Behavioural Data is Key to Social Selling Success

  1. dbvickery says:

    Hessie, I remain grateful that you folks included Mantis Pulse Analytics in that slide deck. You know, I started out as a mechanical engineer…then got captivated by database and software development…then got captivated by data architecture optimized for reporting/dashboards (dimensional modeling).
    Then, I got excited about the possibilities of taking unstructured social/review data and putting it in a dimensional model to really support granular analysis…and maybe even finding correlations you wouldn’t have seen previously. The social signals you describe are great examples. I love our Pulse Analytics studies, and I still hope to see a forward thinking company come along that wants to apply your Influence Marketing methodology while using Pulse products as tools to support that methodology.

  2. hessiejones says:

    dbvickery Brian, it’s so difficult for companies to imagine these day the insights and correlations that exist that they once had to either hypothesize or guess. Decision-making is becoming much easier if companies know to look to the data. Companies like Mantis Pulse Analytics are making this leap very possible and I, too look forward to the day when this all becomes a standard.

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