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Today Uncertainty is the Only Certainty

POSTED ON April 7th  - POSTED IN Artificial Intelligence, Future Of Business, Work Culture

I had a few conversations in the span of a week with traditionalists. My definition of traditionalists: people whose expectations of the future are dictated by what they were led to believe in a world where things seemed more predictable.  Their view of how the world should be perhaps was once true… when conditions had […]

Looking for Humanity in Data: Understanding Sensemaking from HyLighter

POSTED ON February 18th  - POSTED IN Artificial Intelligence, Future Of Business, Humanity in Data, Work Culture

This was an educational episode that covered the basis of a data approach called Sensemaking. David Lebow, Inventor and CEO of HyLighter was our esteemed guest. Below are the highlights from our discussion with David. For details on the podcast please listen here in its entirety: What is sensemaking in one sentence? While sensemaking has […]

The Lifecyle of a Disengaged Employee

POSTED ON April 28th  - POSTED IN Work Culture

“Unless you give motivated people something to believe in, something bigger than their job to work toward, they will motivate themselves to find a new job and you’ll be stuck with whoever’s left.” — Simon Sinek For a large part of my career, I held three jobs.  I had my 9 – 5 corporate job, […]

How to Work with Amateurs and Keep Your Sanity

POSTED ON February 12th  - POSTED IN Work Culture

I’ve been working as an advisor to large-scale global enterprise for the better part of 20 years, and in that time I’ve worked with folks whose business practices ranged from quirky, to poorly conceived, to questionable, to down right, bat-shit crazy. These people are known by many names, but I tend to call them: Amateurs. […]

Are Millennials Mucking Up the Mentor Pool or Are We?

POSTED ON December 12th  - POSTED IN Work Culture

This nation’s mentors can be kindly or they can be curmudgeons, but apparently these once vital — often volunteer — internal company coaches, advisers and tutors are heading the way of the typewriter ribbon, according to some high-level business executives and educators. I recently received a query from a member of the faculty at one […]

How to build a Superb Team: Chemistry is Almost Everything

POSTED ON November 20th  - POSTED IN Work Culture

Over the past 20 years of my career I’ve worked in many different arrangements; as a sole proprietor, as the manager of a small business, as a wholesale road rep out there on my own with nearly complete autonomy, as a Sales Manager, and then, right before we started ArCompany, as a sole proprietor again […]

The Mentoring Side of Social Media | 5 Steps to Doing it Right

POSTED ON June 17th  - POSTED IN Work Culture

There are a million ways that you can use social media for professional gain, legitimately millions. Angry cat anyone? One such way that the majority of people seem to avoid like the plague is mentoring. The Internet connects 2.4 billion people every day, and yet the idea of building a relationship with someone who is […]

Vision: A Declaration To JUST DO IT

POSTED ON May 28th  - POSTED IN Work Culture

Creativity is Crucial Organizations that enjoy a long history of success have usually figured out how to enable and integrate ongoing creativity.  The notion of re-inventing yourself.  You might be surprised to know that these types of organizations are in the definite minority. Unfortunately, some people believe that creativity is a rare attribute possessed by […]

Leaders Don’t Seek Out Blame by @DanielNewmanUV

POSTED ON March 19th  - POSTED IN Work Culture

Editor’s Note: This post, written by Daniel Newman, was first published on MillenialCEO. Daniel Newman has kindly granted ArCompany permission to republish this post here. The Unpredictable Nature of Leadership If you have led long enough, I’m sure at least one plan, one perfectly concocted idea for business or life has gone awry. Regardless of […]