Navigating The AI Hype

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Welcome to Navigating the AI Hype. This will be a timely article that curates events in AI to tabulate AI’s journey as this unprecedented phenomenon makes its way into our lives: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. We will acknowledge successes in AI as well as those that still require further progress. We will also highlight areas where human conscience will need to dictate policy and regulation as ethical standards will be built in lockstep with technology as it evolves. Finally, we will highlight references and resources for anyone wanting to dive in further into Artificial Intelligence. Enjoy!

The Good:

University of Central Florida’s AI finds early lung cancer with up to 97% sensitivity

Their work builds on that of NYU researchers in September, who retrained Google’s Inception v3, an open source convolutional neural network architected for object identification, to detect certain forms of lung cancers with 97 percent accuracy.”

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Apple’s new privacy management tools throw epic shade at Facebook and Google

“So much of your personal information — information you have a right to keep private — lives on your Apple devices”

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Kids teach AI a little humanity with Cognimates

“The Cognimates platform aims to achieve that by allowing children to program and customize embodied intelligent devices, such as Alexa and the smart robot Cozmo.”

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The Bad:

Establishing an AI code of ethics will be harder than people think

“Until we start bringing [human rights] into the AI discussion, there’s no hard anchor.”


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TSA lay out plans to use facial recognition for domestic flights

“But that convenience comes at a cost, as critics of the facial recognition system have raised concerns over privacy, racial bias, and for Customs to be more transparent in how the screening algorithm works”.

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The Ugly:

Facebook says 14 million accounts have a broad array of personal data stolen

Sometimes even Facebook executives don’t understand the vast reach of their ad targeting operation.

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HealthCare.Gov System Hack Exposes Personal Data of 75,000 Users

Data Breaches: What to do if you’re a victim

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