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Kimera Seeks to Transform Humanity’s Path through AGI and Cryptocurrency

POSTED ON February 15th  - POSTED IN Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Privacy

This is Part I of a two-part series of my interview with Kimera Systems, an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology company that is challenging our current systems: our global economic model, how we currently use digital and how that has to change for a collective path forward. Today, we are witnessing an unrelenting turbulence in […]

Accelerating The Future Of Privacy Through SmartData Agents

POSTED ON January 17th  - POSTED IN Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Ethics and Privacy

Imagine a future where you can communicate with your smartphone – or whatever digital extension of you exists at that time – through an evolved smart digital agent that readily understands you, your needs, and exists on your behalf to procure the things and experiences you want. What if it could do all this while […]

Why Big Business Should Proactively Build for Privacy: Perspectives from Dr. Ann Cavoukian

POSTED ON December 10th  - POSTED IN Ethics and Privacy

This article explores the rise of Privacy by Design (PbD) from the basic framework, to its inclusion in the GDPR, to its application in business practices and infrastructure especially in the wake of Artificial Intelligence. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Ann Cavoukian, former 3-Term Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, and currently Distinguished […]

OpenHouse.AI: Disrupting Real Estate through Transparency

How does technology alter an industry that is heavily regulated, with strong checks and balances and where information is heavily guarded? The real estate industry is comprised mainly of independent realtors, unified under brokerage houses and a nationwide real estate association. Within the confines of this oligopoly are rules to protect its players and ensure […]

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: What Kind of Society Do We Want to Have?

POSTED ON May 17th  - POSTED IN Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Privacy

As someone who has worked with big data for some time, I have pushed the boundaries where this idea of relevance morphs into creepy (remember the infamous case study: How Target Figured out a girl was pregnant before her father did?). I am acutely aware of its lure to big business, and at the same […]