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YROO: The Future of AI-Assisted Shopping

Customer Centricity is the promise of AI. It seems to be the holy grail that continues to elude business. Marketing solutions and systems integrators are trying to build technology frameworks for Next Best Action that take real-time consumer context into consideration. They’re still falling short. But what if the only way to truly get to […]

Do You Really Know the Value of Relationships?

POSTED ON October 15th  - POSTED IN ArCompany, Customer at the Core

It’s finally happened! The democratization of communication has allowed everyone more opportunities to create content, build a stronger voice and platforms to strengthen the presence online. Content is free. Communication is rampant. Advertising has been disrupted in a big way. No longer do the ‘haves’ have exclusive access to platforms and media that grants them […]

Facebook: “Stop Chasing Organic Distribution!”

POSTED ON March 13th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core, Insights, Performance and Measurement

Last December, when I posted an article that questioned the value of marketing on Facebook, I received a lot of feedback. Given the death of EdgeRank, the mandated Pay to Play model, the reduced engagement on Facebook Pages, it had appeared Facebook had done an about-face and left Marketers in the lurch, leaving us to […]

Omni Channel Customer Service at its Finest

POSTED ON March 3rd  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

Everybody hates Comcast. If you think that’s an exaggeration, just Google “Comcast” and it will turn up gems like this: 15 years ago in Boston I made a vow to go Cable-less rather than ever be a Comcast customer again. That, coupled with years of experience listening to my friends complain about horrific customer service […]

Being Customer-Centric Isn’t Just About Brand Reputation, It’s About Insight, Too

POSTED ON February 26th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

Customer-centricity is a misunderstood concept. Often, people see it as a way to increase brand reputation but, as evidenced by frequent, unsolicited product feedback and customer service queries on social channels, it can be the source of a whole lot more, including better, more focused marketing and product development insights. One component is personalizing your […]

What Content Marketers Get Wrong about Click Worthy Titles

POSTED ON January 15th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

I want to change the conversation about writing emotional headlines; a regular practice of the content marketing world, it is not actually effective. If another magical headline writing formula was a solution for your business, you wouldn’t need to read this article or the many others  related to this topic that are out there. If you […]

The Dance Between Brand and Consumer Goes On; Are You in Sync?

POSTED ON November 1st  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

The dance between Brand and Consumer represents the struggle between marketers, data, and personal privacy. Big data gives us more access to the lives of our customers, but they have much at stake when giving up their information. Hessie Jones tackled this topic when she wrote “Quid Pro Quo: The Ultimate Dance Between the Brand […]

Do you really know your Customers?

POSTED ON October 9th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

What is the number one way to succeed in business? It is to understand what people want. What motivates people to do certain things and avoid other things? For all businesses, employee motivation is a primary concern. Without employees, the potential of any business is limited to what a single person can accomplish. Employee motivation […]

Social Media Strategist: The Rumours of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

POSTED ON September 9th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

I read a recent post by John McElhenney about the supposed death of the social media strategist. Many of his complaints and frustrations are valid, and ones I have had myself. Thankfully, he backs away from the stance that the social media strategist is, in fact, dead. While I agree with this, I would suggest that […]