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Smart Marketers Move “Beyond the Transaction”

POSTED ON December 16th  - POSTED IN Context, Insights

I was blown away by an article the other week, “When Advertising no longer works, It’s time to reinvent“, The author of that statement was S Yesudas, Founder of a new agency called Trigger Bridge, a 20 year ad veteran, with experience in top media agencies like Vizeum and its parent, Aegis Media. This struck a […]

The Strength of Language for SEO

POSTED ON September 17th  - POSTED IN Context

I feel like I am constantly reading about the death of keywords. But I fear that we keep throwing around generalizations instead of facts. There are multiple viewpoints to consider in this debate. I believe keywords are still important as a function of language. I still rely on keywords for most of my SEO recommendations, […]

Beyond The Listicle : Inspiring Journalism for Content Marketers

POSTED ON August 25th  - POSTED IN Context

  ‘5 Celebrity bachelors who are old and alone’ ’16 completely disturbing pictures from the internet that will haunt your dreams’ ‘9 times when Elmo taught us how to forgive.’ -courtesy of You’re likely familiar with similar, numerically-ordered headline gems, sometimes located at the bottom of a seemingly unrelated article you’ve just read online […]

How Algorithms Perpetuate Discrimination and Why We Can’t Stop it

POSTED ON July 16th  - POSTED IN Context

I’ve been fascinated lately by the targeting technology that exists today. As ARCOMPANY discovers more sophisticated ways to uncover human intent through online data, we welcome the increasing accuracy and speed that data enables business to make actionable decisions from real-time information. On the other side of the coin, we are also aware of the inherent dangers […]

Why We Should Target Customer Conversations, not Demographics

POSTED ON June 11th  - POSTED IN Context

Identify your potential customers by their conversations, not demographics, because personalities cut across social strata, they endure over time, and they are identifiable from social data. We use social data insights as part of a top-down process which starts from the general and moves down into details. This is a new way of thinking about […]

Measurement, Personalization, and Why the Future of Digital Marketing Isn’t Obvious

POSTED ON May 21st  - POSTED IN Context

As marketers and brands evolve with increasingly sophisticated technology, everyone wants answers to the same question: What will digital marketing of the future be like? In contrast to many blog posts, I won’t pretend to give any definitive answers because I don’t think they are available yet. But there are some hints about which through-lines […]

Keywords or Social Insights: Which is the Secret to Great SEO?

POSTED ON May 14th  - POSTED IN Context

Pinterest Keywords are generally considered the starting point for SEO strategy; this idea is not unusual in any way. We look to the use of repetitive language as a point of judgement to determine meaning. In the beginning of SEO that was enough. What changed? The algorithm behind the search engine became smarter. This has […]

Why Community (And Not Scalability) Matters For Most Brands

POSTED ON March 26th  - POSTED IN Context

Brands are obsessed with scale. Part of the obsession comes from a dependence on quickly evolving marketing technology – there’s a platform or app for nearly everything these days, whether it’s optimizing titles for blog posts and online videos, measuring and tweaking growth levers for inbound traffic, or finding exactly the right time to publish […]

Tell Your Story with More Empathy for Content Strategy Success

POSTED ON March 24th  - POSTED IN Context

Curiouser and curiouser! – Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland The impulse Alice feels to jump blindly into the rabbit hole is the same motivation your audience feels while searching the internet. If you want to create a content strategy which will catch their attention you should be aware of their cognitive needs. Learn to tell […]