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Empathy is a Social Currency

POSTED ON April 10th  - POSTED IN Context

In their excellent book Humanize, authors Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter share their insights into why a truly successful business needs to take the reasons social media has enjoyed exponential growth as a business imprint, and implement it across the organization. It takes more than simply activating staff on social media and being more “approachable” […]

Weekend Wrap: Social Media Buzz Edition

POSTED ON March 31st  - POSTED IN Context

As much as we are prone to segregate our Social lives from “Real Life”, or at least view them as separate segments of our ‘social life,’ when big issues are being tackled in Real Life society, the social world serves as a sounding board and debate club for those issues. This week the Supreme Court’s […]

Fast Paced Marketing: The New Reality

POSTED ON February 21st  - POSTED IN Context

As I sat down to write this post, the social channels were all abuzz about the Burger King Twitter hacking that occurred Monday morning. If you were under a rock, or on a plane like I was, here’s the basic story: Someone hacked into the Twitter account and stated that McDonald’s had bought BK out […]

Why Taking Ownership on Social Media is Key to Brand Reputation Success

POSTED ON February 12th  - POSTED IN Context

Did you hear? Friday, February 8th when many of us Torontonians were busy shovelling up to 1m of snow, the City of Vaughan Twitter Account, erroneously (the circumstances of which haven’t yet been clarified) sent out this foolish tweet. If you are a community manager, this has possibly happened to you on more than one […]

Super Bowl Ads: Oreo’s Touchdown & The Taco Bell Fumble

POSTED ON February 5th  - POSTED IN Context

As anyone not living under a rock knows, this past Sunday was Super Bowl night, the highest rated television viewing in the US, and the commercials are as important as the game. Considering that a 30 second ad runs $4 million in 2013, it’s a high stakes game for advertisers. As a marketer, it’s probable […]