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Community Builders: Sephora Rocks It

POSTED ON February 22nd  - POSTED IN Context

It is no small feat to be a monolith in any industry, let alone the $57 billion cosmetic industry. Yet Sephora continues to boost sales year and after year. Its exclusive brands and an elaborate rewards program has grown Sephora to a net worth of $2.2 billion, and hundreds of thousands of member/customers. Within the Sephora community, the members […]

How Boundaries Nurture Compassionate Community Management

POSTED ON February 6th  - POSTED IN Context

Community management traverses a sensitive divide between the needs of the company and those of customers. Some see community as a disruptive way to build revenue as their business grows. Community becomes a tactic meant to impress investors and acquire a user base as quickly as possible. I caution you, a community created in an […]

Community Builders: Albert’s Job Listings & Referrals

POSTED ON January 22nd  - POSTED IN Context

At ArCompany, with our focus on Social Business Intelligence, we understand exactly how important social communities are for brands and causes; we also know how difficult it is to build an engaged community. The hard reality is that it is a monumental task, and many brands just don’t get it: customers do not want to […]

Size Matters: Grow a Boundaryless Social Media Community

POSTED ON January 16th  - POSTED IN Context

In the span of a decade social media has transformed the way brands connect with their customers. We’re no longer limited to print, radio, and TV ads. And we don’t have to fit within the editorial guidelines or timelines of media publications. Social media provides the vehicle to instantly connect and engage with your customers, […]

Linked In; Does it still matter?

POSTED ON November 15th  - POSTED IN Context

Linked In, for me, is a toss up. I started losing interest for my personal use when they got rid of their Linked In skills feature. If you are into optimization, this was a tool that would tell you what skills were trending for a particular industry. This meant you could mine skills to optimize your […]

The Awesome Power of Community: How I Became the Anti-Marketer

POSTED ON November 13th  - POSTED IN Context

I’ve told this story countless times but this event has played a significant part in my life. It’s what Oprah would deem, “my defining moment’… a time that changed the way I thought about marketing, dismissing what I’ve learned and beginning to embrace a new way of thinking. When this event happened to me, I […]

Gygax Magazine: When community goes right

POSTED ON November 6th  - POSTED IN Context

Gary Gygax said “I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else.” I wonder what my legacy will be. Post by Gygax Magazine. As I sat down to call Jayson Elliot, the editor-in-chief of Gygax Magazine, my […]

@Crowdly: Engaging your Most Passionate Advocates

POSTED ON August 14th  - POSTED IN Context

When I met Dan Sullivan, Founder of Crowdly, I was very interested in his platform and how he was leveraging the Page fans to enable Brands to get the most out of their Facebook Fans. Where Facebook continues to incentivise brands to buy more ad space to maximize their exposure, Crowdly’s proposition is simple: Surface, […]

The New Community: Marketers Take Note!

POSTED ON June 19th  - POSTED IN Context

We all remember where we grew up in our formative years.  It was a big city or a small farm town or something in between, but we usually remember it as home. As we mature in life and we move from place to place and sometimes put down new roots, we are still creatures of […]

Are You Ignoring the Power of LinkedIn?

POSTED ON June 4th  - POSTED IN Context

I deliver a lot of presentations and workshops related to social media and social selling. Usually I begin by surveying the audience with a number of questions, such as a show of hands from those who have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as some of the younger platforms, like Instagram. Most of […]