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The Strength of Language for SEO

POSTED ON September 17th  - POSTED IN Context

I feel like I am constantly reading about the death of keywords. But I fear that we keep throwing around generalizations instead of facts. There are multiple viewpoints to consider in this debate. I believe keywords are still important as a function of language. I still rely on keywords for most of my SEO recommendations, […]

@Crowdly: Engaging your Most Passionate Advocates

POSTED ON August 14th  - POSTED IN Context

When I met Dan Sullivan, Founder of Crowdly, I was very interested in his platform and how he was leveraging the Page fans to enable Brands to get the most out of their Facebook Fans. Where Facebook continues to incentivise brands to buy more ad space to maximize their exposure, Crowdly’s proposition is simple: Surface, […]

In Social Marketing Act With Intention or Don’t Waste My Time

POSTED ON June 24th  - POSTED IN Insights

I frequently encounter clients that want to “do” social marketing because they have a Twitter or Facebook account, and in turn they attempt to reduce my role of community manger to merely posting status updates. There are valid reasons why your marketing team wants you on social: Generating data for analysis Responding to customers that […]

Are You Ignoring the Power of LinkedIn?

POSTED ON June 4th  - POSTED IN Context

I deliver a lot of presentations and workshops related to social media and social selling. Usually I begin by surveying the audience with a number of questions, such as a show of hands from those who have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as some of the younger platforms, like Instagram. Most of […]

Selling The Super Informed Consumer via @DanielNewmanUV

POSTED ON May 6th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

Let’s face it, today’s consumer (read: buyer) has changed a lot. Customers seem to know more than ever before about your products and services. In this reversal of traditional customer engagement, the paradigm of teaching your customers about what you do has flipped and now customers walk through the door knowing exactly what they want […]

Social Selling … Are B2C Blogs Worth The Effort?

POSTED ON January 16th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Although it didn’t reach critical acclaim, Charlie Sheen’s Hot Shots, Part Deux, Just Deux It! is the sequel that inspired my title for this Blog.  And like all good sequels, the story line must be related, the characters must be consistent, and hopefully the plot and execution are better than the original. The original to […]

5 Steps for Setting up Your Company’s Social Selling Program

POSTED ON January 9th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

So, you have decided—either out of desire or necessity—to implement a social selling program within your organization. You have come to the conclusion that leveraging social media and content marketing to identify, engage and convert prospects into customers is absolutely necessary. While you should be commended for your forward thinking, there are number of things […]