Friday Finds: The Internet of Everything

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This week Dave Evans of Cisco Systems caught our attention with this video about what comes next in the evolution of the Internet. His main point?

If we’re IN Web 2.0 right now, what happens when we get to the next chapter?

He describes a world where people, processes, data and things are all interconnected, connecting trillions of devices and billions of people.

In this new world so many pieces of information we currently tracked will be done using the web, and automated, leaving us with so much more time… but also with so much more information to process and understand.

You and your business will need to be able to manage and understand this incredible amount of information.

Near the end of the video Evans asks:

How will this information benefit humanity?

Our question is:

How will this information benefit your business?

How you answer will determine your success in the next chapter of the Internet’s story.

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