Content Fuels The Employee Experience

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There’s a black hole happening at your enterprise.

Your company is creating all sorts of content. Blog posts, press releases, videos, job ads – the list goes on. The industry is also creating a lot of relevant content for your company.

Employees are either reading or sharing this content, but you have absolutely no visibility to what’s happening on the other side.

But what if there was a better way? What if you could put a system in place that gave employees the content they need to know about, making them more knowledgeable about your company and industry?

There is. Your enterprise needs to think about content differently and invest in a content library for your employees.

Content is no Longer (Just) About Marketing

When you mention the term “content” to people in business, they immediately think about marketing.

But what about training materials? Employee videos? Photos from the company retreat? Aren’t all of these a form 0f content in some way?

The internet runs off content, data, and conversations. These days, everything happens in the digital space. So why haven’t companies upgraded the way they do business? Why haven’t they improved the way they communicate with employees?

Who the heck wants to read a 300-page onboarding document these days? But what if you could get the same results (or even better) from using various sources of content, on a continuous basis, that your employees are ACTUALLY interested in?

I strongly believe that your employees can become even smarter and better at their jobs when they have access to a content library that’s tailored to their role and company.

When you think about content, don’t just think about your customers. You need to dig deeper and think of what content your employee SHOULD know about.

What are the latest company initiatives? What’s happening in the industry?

The more your employees know about the different parts of your business, the smarter they become. And it becomes a lot easier for them to talk about your company, online and offline.

Content Fuels The Employee Experience   PostBeyond


Ongoing Training on Their Own Time

One of the easiest ways to turn off an employee is to force-feed archaic methods of communications down their throats.

A millennial employee that’s starting a new job and has to watch 20 hours of boring videos and read 300 pages of training manuals that haven’t been updated since 1987? GOODBYE!!!

But what if they could log into a modern online portal from their mobile phone and consume the content they’re interested in? Then share some of it with their social networks to build relationships?

Isn’t that much better?

With the proper system in place, your employees can always have the right information available at their fingertips.

Here are a few stats that might convince you (Altimeter Group & LinkedIn). Employees of socially engaged companies are:

  • 40% more likely to be perceived as more competitive.
  • 57% more likely to get increased sales leads
  • 58% more likely to attract top talent
  • 27% more likely to feel optimistic about their companies’ future
  • 20% more likely to feel inspired
  • 20% more likely to stay at their companies
  • 15% more likely to connect to co-workers beyond their core teams

Don’t you want to invest in the professional development of your employees?

Transforming to a True Culture of Content

It’s no longer content marketing or digital marketing.

It’s content in a digital world.

If you’re still siloed and thinking about content as a marketing function, it’s time for a wakeup call.

Content is everywhere you look. Your employees are interested in all sorts of content, not outdated methods of communications.

They’ll seek it out on their own time. But wouldn’t you like to have a glimpse of visibility into the other side of the black hole?

Content Fuels The Employee Experience   PostBeyond

How do you communicate to your employees? What content do you offer them to make them better at their job?

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