Vote for us to Debunk Myths About Millennials at SXSW

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This post is all about me asking for YOUR VOTE so we can bring our Millennial Think Tank panel to SXSW.  Here’s why I think we should go:

If you haven’t watched one of our Millennial Think Tank episodes on G+ every Thursday, here is the why and the what:

  1. After hearing from my Millennial friends that they were tired of people pontificating and stereotyping their massive, 80 million strong generation, I decided it was time I did as many of them advised and LET THEM SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.
  2. We created our weekly Millennial Think Tank where our panel, made of 3 anchors and rotating Millennials, tackles issues ranging from the impact of the enormous debt burden to privacy and all of the important issues of the day. We ask them questions and actually listen to the in depth answers instead of trying to pigeon hole their opinions into marketer-speak.

Each week on G+ at 8pm we have an on air Hangout, and then I recap the information on our blog. Here’s an example of our show where we focused on Entrepreneurship in the Millennial Generation:

Read the recap for all of our episodes on the ArCompany Blog.

So Please vote for us to bring our Millennial Think Tank to SXSW in 2015. We greatly appreciate it.

VP of Content & Strategy at ArCompany. She has an extensive background in Sales, and focuses on generational marketing and content. With Hessie Jones she founded ArCompany’s Millnnnial, GenX and Boomer Think Tanks and writes and speaks on those topics from an insights/strategy perspective.

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  1. T_Burrows says:

    You got my vote! Great idea.

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