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Ze Art of Storytelling: Podcamp Recap #PCTO2013

POSTED ON February 26th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

I had the honour of being asked to be part of a panel entitled Ze Art of Storytelling this past weekend at Podcamp Toronto. Laurie Dillon Schalk nicely spearheaded the discussion featuring the following panelists: Mark Evans, Andrew Jenkins, Randy Matheson and myself. We were privileged to engage in very robust and interactive discussion with audience […]

Why Taking Ownership on Social Media is Key to Brand Reputation Success

POSTED ON February 12th  - POSTED IN Context

Did you hear? Friday, February 8th when many of us Torontonians were busy shovelling up to 1m of snow, the City of Vaughan Twitter Account, erroneously (the circumstances of which haven’t yet been clarified) sent out this foolish tweet. If you are a community manager, this has possibly happened to you on more than one […]

Welcome to ArCompany

POSTED ON February 1st  - POSTED IN Insights

Almost four months ago, I came to a cross-roads in my career. Having just left yet another start-up that had tons of promise but eventually began to show signs of waning, it was pretty evident that the frustration I had encountered in the last 7 years in the social media business was coming to a […]