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Social Justice: Wild Idea Buffalo Co. Has A Lot of Heart

POSTED ON February 23rd  - POSTED IN Social Justice

Social Justice has covered a fair number of apparel & outdoor sporting companies for two reasons; the former, because there are so many challenging fair labor issues, and the latter, because its consumers are connected to nature regularly and therefore more eco-aware. This week we turn to a business segment we’ve never covered before: MEAT, […]

Social Justice: Human Healthy Vending Doing it Differently

POSTED ON January 26th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

HUMAN Healthy Vending is the type of company that gets our minds racing and hearts pumping; they are tackling a difficult problem with unique ingenuity. Much has been written about the obesity problem in the US, and all one has to do is gaze around at any public gathering spot and the evidence is there: […]

Social Justice: Simply Straws is Simply Brilliant

POSTED ON January 5th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

As the mother of a 6 year old that is always on the go (read that as always spilling her drink if it doesn’t have a top screwed on) Simply Straws caught my attention as I surfed through the B Corporation website.   In my home we are eco-conscious to a degree. We recycle and […]

Social Justice: Chipotle’s Pathetic Misuse of Social Media

POSTED ON July 28th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

There are some weeks when there are so many topics to choose from for our Social Justice post that I don’t know where to start. This week we had: The story of Carl Ashmore, his book The Time Hunters, and the question of Harper Collin’s possible copying his book, title and ideas. The emerging story […]

Social Justice: A Paula Deen Recipe For Disaster

POSTED ON June 23rd  - POSTED IN Social Justice

The Food Network found itself directly in the crosshairs of a social media firestorm this week after they announced that they would not be renewing Paula Deen’s contract at the end of this month. For those of you not familiar with the TV Chef, she’s been a mainstay on the Food Network since 2002 and […]

Social Justice: Taco Bell Takes a Licking

POSTED ON June 9th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

I know, it’s a most cringe worthy  title, but I could not  resist. This past week the social networks were abuzz with news of the latest fast food restaurant to suffer an employee created PR ‘crises.’ Social media, Facebook in particular, is visually impactful;  the image of an employee apparently licking an entire stack of […]

Social Justice: Nutella Confounds Everyone

POSTED ON May 26th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been focused on Disney’s social PR issues. This week as they remain in a holding pattern in a will they/won’t they make a declarative statement on the withdrawal of the New Merida design, we turn our focus to one of the most fascinating collisions of a socially vocal […]