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Click-throughs, Privacy, and the Trust Economy

POSTED ON May 7th  - POSTED IN Relationship to Technology

There’s a dirty little secret in advertising: for all the talk of targeting and personalization, the average click through rate of an online ad hasn’t changed that much in the last 10 years. The traditional banner ad set the bar low, around .03%, which was considered successful for a long time; even now with rich […]

Control and the Social Business

POSTED ON April 23rd  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Companies are afraid of a world where customers control the messaging around their brand. This is understandable, since whether you’re a corporation with decades long history or a smaller business the idea of having a customer compare you to Satan on widely available channels like Twitter or Facebook is unpleasant. That all too common possibility, […]

Being Customer-Centric Isn’t Just About Brand Reputation, It’s About Insight, Too

POSTED ON February 26th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

Customer-centricity is a misunderstood concept. Often, people see it as a way to increase brand reputation but, as evidenced by frequent, unsolicited product feedback and customer service queries on social channels, it can be the source of a whole lot more, including better, more focused marketing and product development insights. One component is personalizing your […]