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Looking for Humanity in Data: IBM Watson’s CTO Rob High Defines the Emerging Era of Cognitive Computing

POSTED ON March 8th  - POSTED IN Artificial Intelligence, Humanity in Data, Insights

As humans, it’s increasingly clear that we continuously upload our identities everyday. Those needs and propensities become quantified and contextualized. For companies like IBM Watson, understanding the human condition is important so technology can increasingly define patterns, learn and potentially predict outcomes that benefit both business and industry. We were pleased to host Rob High, […]

Finding Insights in the Space Between Traditional and Big Data Research

POSTED ON April 2nd  - POSTED IN Insights

Working with large data sets is difficult. One of the hidden challenges when you’re digging for insight is that in larger, more open data environments the practices that accompany traditional research can be less than helpful. Think of it this way, you create a web page dialogue with a question and three buttons, one that […]

Is it Possible to Standardize Big Data?

POSTED ON March 19th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement

I was recently asked a question that I had heard before: “Could we provide the raw data results from Big Data into a usable format so that it could be analyzed and validated using traditional methods?” The question was posed by a traditional researcher who had minimal exposure to Big Data Analysis. In essence what he was […]

Handling The Algorithm: Social Data Insights You Need To Know

POSTED ON January 6th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement

How aware are you of the algorithms that rule your life? I have a vested interest in your answer. I make my living building vibrant online communities from participants on social media platforms that lead to increases in revenue for clients. Algorithms are a perplexing problem in my decision making. Devious mediation by algorithms imprint […]

What data can do, and what you will need to do yourself

POSTED ON January 2nd  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement

People constantly oversimplify the case for using data. You wouldn’t know this by looking at headlines; the Big Data movement is championed by a variety of thought leaders as a cure-all… The graph for people who actually use Big Data vs. those who just talk about it probably looks something like this. The problem isn’t […]

Data Transparency and Discretion: Has Consumer Trust Been Broken?

POSTED ON September 18th  - POSTED IN Relationship to Technology

The cat’s out of the bag. The consumers have come to know what many marketers have known for years: Consumer information and behaviour is being tracked and analyzed. It’s ALL true. There’s nothing to deny. But instead of understanding application of this information for business, somehow business has been lumped into the same category as […]

What Businesses Need to Understand About Big (and Small) Data

POSTED ON September 12th  - POSTED IN Context

What is “big data” and why should it matter to marketers? I recently posited the question, “Do marketers know what ‘big data’ is?” at a networking event for marketers, and the response I got was unexpected: “Do they really need to?” I was taken aback, likening the response to questioning whether or not we should […]

Big Data Will Change Advertising Forever

POSTED ON August 1st  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

I had several meetings recently with friends from “traditional digital agencies”. That sounds so oxymoronic! The reality is that this new course of big data, gleaned from a wealth of unstructured information on the web, has the ability to turn advertising on its head–– at least enough to make media people rethink algorithms for maximizing […]

The NSA, Privacy and the Blatant Realization: Nothing You Do Online is Private

POSTED ON June 16th  - POSTED IN Context

I’ve been monitoring the events in the past week about PRISM, the NSA and the traitor/hero, Edward Snowden, former CIA, who lifted the veil and revealed to the the world the questionable practices of the US Agency, practices which, in my opinion, shouldn’t surprise any of us. The graphic above from Gaping Void, nicely captured […]

Big Banks & Social: To Be or Not to Be?

POSTED ON April 23rd  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

No less than 8 years ago, I found myself happily making a jaunt away from the banking industry. I decided to flee a dinosaur that was slow to change. It had all the best intentions of tapping into emerging technology – however, riddled with red tape, regulation, and rigid policy, this old and established institution […]