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Start-Up Lessons: My Continuous Journey

POSTED ON February 24th  - POSTED IN Insights

I’ve been in a state of introspection lately; emotions are heightened and I’ve become much more sensitized to my environment and the people that surround me everyday. Everyday my newsfeed contains at least two posts about inspiration and motivation. In many ways it’s helping me validate the road that I’ve chosen to take. As someone who decided […]

Well Wishes to You from Arcompany for the Holiday Season

POSTED ON December 22nd  - POSTED IN Insights

ArCompany places a high importance on the relationships we have cultivated among our readers, clients, and personal friends. Sometimes it feels as if technology has accelerated the pace at which we work, and has done much less to alleviate the burden. We get involved with assignments, projects, and meetings which take us away from the […]

The ArC Story: Success Means Moving Fast and Breaking Things

POSTED ON July 22nd  - POSTED IN Insights

Last week, I regrouped with my team at our annual planning meeting. We’ve come along way since we first launched ArCompany February 2013. What follows is my opening speech to my team. This one comes from the heart:) Today, I’m smiling. There are many reasons why — not least of which that we are ALL […]

The ArC Story: Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead

POSTED ON January 21st  - POSTED IN Insights

I promised Gini Dietrich that I would write down my resolutions for the New Year. This meant putting into writing a review of the course ArCompany has taken with an eye to the plans we had from the outset.   I was filled with trepidation about seeing that in writing because, as anyone with experience knows, the social […]

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: ArCompany and InNetwork Announce Strategic Partnership

POSTED ON July 15th  - POSTED IN Insights

ArCompany and InNetwork Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership, Combine Social Media Intelligence with Influence Marketing July 15, 2013 – Influence marketing will be an integral part of the marketing suite for most organizations over the next 18 months, according to a recent study of more than 1,300 brand managers, agencies and PR professionals. However, many businesses lack the resources […]

The Story ArC So Far

POSTED ON May 8th  - POSTED IN Insights

I still can’t believe we’re well on our way. By the way, the pic above says it all. As excited and as happy as we are about this new venture, it is still wrought with a lot of anxiety, doubt and re-thinking: strategy, positioning, messaging. It’s ALL good and this is the way we grow. […]

Welcome to ArCompany

POSTED ON February 1st  - POSTED IN Insights

Almost four months ago, I came to a cross-roads in my career. Having just left yet another start-up that had tons of promise but eventually began to show signs of waning, it was pretty evident that the frustration I had encountered in the last 7 years in the social media business was coming to a […]