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Boomers, Busters and Back To The Future

POSTED ON July 31st  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

Doc bursts onto the scene in the time travelling DeLorean and exclaims, “Marty … something has to be done about your kids!” …. This perhaps not so famous line was uttered by Doc Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) in Back to the Future Part 2 (BTTF2), about how Marty McFly’s (Michael J. Fox) unborn offspring will […]

The New Community: Marketers Take Note!

POSTED ON June 19th  - POSTED IN Context

We all remember where we grew up in our formative years.  It was a big city or a small farm town or something in between, but we usually remember it as home. As we mature in life and we move from place to place and sometimes put down new roots, we are still creatures of […]

Vision: A Declaration To JUST DO IT

POSTED ON May 28th  - POSTED IN Work Culture

Creativity is Crucial Organizations that enjoy a long history of success have usually figured out how to enable and integrate ongoing creativity.  The notion of re-inventing yourself.  You might be surprised to know that these types of organizations are in the definite minority. Unfortunately, some people believe that creativity is a rare attribute possessed by […]

The Four Magic Questions (4MQ): Preparing For A Social Media Program

POSTED ON February 20th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement

Raw Customer Volunteered Information ArCompany works with enterprise clients to help them leverage the intelligence that can be extracted from social media services and networks.  But why is social media so important?  ArCompany believes that the social media universe is the untapped conduit for raw, customer-volunteered information.  It is high quality and often unseen by […]

Social Selling … Are B2C Blogs Worth The Effort?

POSTED ON January 16th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Although it didn’t reach critical acclaim, Charlie Sheen’s Hot Shots, Part Deux, Just Deux It! is the sequel that inspired my title for this Blog.  And like all good sequels, the story line must be related, the characters must be consistent, and hopefully the plot and execution are better than the original. The original to […]

Social Selling … Are B2B Blogs Worth The Effort?

POSTED ON December 17th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

I have always been a music lover, doing “primitive karaoke” in my bedroom to the Beatles, the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Yes, and even Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade (I want to show you I have some old world culture too)! As I was transitioning from high school to university, I discovered a whole new world […]

Social Selling… With a Little Irish Flavour

POSTED ON November 7th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

There once was a man from Nantucket… This is the most well known first line of Irish born poetry, known as the limerick.  Wikipedia defines the limerick as a short, humorous, often ribald or nonsense poem, especially one in five-line anapestic meter with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA), which is sometimes obscene with humorous or entertaining intent.  And […]

I’m B2B: Use Social Media … Who Me?

POSTED ON August 28th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

I remember when business executives used to sit in a senior meeting and use their brand new Blackberries to text each other on the “sub rosa” (a Latin phrase connoting secrecy) topics of the day, all the while, seeming to pay attention to the meeting in progress. Perhaps this was an early form of “texting” […]