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Measuring: What Matters to Enterprise Business

POSTED ON May 19th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement

I have the pleasure of knowing Sean McGinnis, Director, Marketing for Sears Parts Direct and Search Lead for Sears Home Appliance & Services; every now and then I piss him off. On a Facebook exchange discussing what is and is not possible to measure, I was the happy recipient of a long and knowledgeable rant […]

Millennial Think Tank: Ageism, Racism and Sexism in the Workplace

POSTED ON May 10th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

On our Think Tanks this month we are tackling HR Challenges, in particular: ageism, sexism, racism, and their impact on the workplace. We are looking at the topic from each generation’s viewpoint in order to measure how much progress has been made, and what challenges still exist. This past week it was our Millennial Think Tank’s turn to […]

Millennial Think Tank: What IS Tech Savvy?

POSTED ON April 26th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

One of the stereotypes most often bandied about concerning Millennials is that they are a “Tech Savvy” generation. It is ‘understood,’ especially in the workplace, that the 18 – 35 set are social media, application, and gadget intuitive. It is not uncommon for them to be handed tasks revolving around technology or social media simply […]

Dear Golf… There’s More

POSTED ON April 14th  - POSTED IN Insights

Dear Golf, Last month I wrote a blog post directed solely at you, your image problems, and the obvious fact that you’ve somehow been unable to pull new golfers into the sport for at least 2 generations. This baffles a lot of us watching the sport, especially after the ratings success of this year’s Masters. CBS […]

Data Collection Means Consumers Clam Up

POSTED ON April 7th  - POSTED IN Insights

In March our Millennial Think Tank focused on Committed Communities and whether they actually shift some responsibility from a brand to other members of the community. During that episode, our panelist Kiernan McGinnis said something that I cannot stop thinking about: I’m skeptical. I don’t want to go out there and give a brand free advice. I […]

Millennial Think Tank: The Remote Workforce

POSTED ON April 5th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

This week’s Millennial Think Tank focused on the remote workforce, or ‘telecommuting,’ as it’s commonly called. The past 15 years ushered in a transformation in work flexibility and remote working, made possible by the impact of technology and the internet. Joining our panel this week were: Samantha Estoesta, a young Millennial working in Public Interest Research and […]

Dear Golf: You Have a Problem and We Can Help

POSTED ON March 20th  - POSTED IN Insights

Dear Golf Industry, It is a well known fact to anyone with their ear to Golf Industry publications that you have been bleeding players. People 50 and under just aren’t falling for you like they have in generations past.  I’ve read about the tweaks to the game that some believe will make it ‘more fun […]

Omni Channel Customer Service at its Finest

POSTED ON March 3rd  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

Everybody hates Comcast. If you think that’s an exaggeration, just Google “Comcast” and it will turn up gems like this: 15 years ago in Boston I made a vow to go Cable-less rather than ever be a Comcast customer again. That, coupled with years of experience listening to my friends complain about horrific customer service […]

Millennial Think Tank: Gaming – Theory & Addiction

POSTED ON February 15th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

Last week we returned to Gaming to explore both the theory behind how these games work, and the addictive nature of gaming. On our panel this week we had: Susan Silver, Social Media Business Analyst, spends 12 hours a week gaming Barry Figgins, Entrepreneur, spends 5 – 10 hours per week gaming Jacqui McKinney, self described […]