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A Letter to the Next Generation: A Fundamental Life Changing Suggestion

POSTED ON November 24th  - POSTED IN A Letter to the Next Generation

ARCOMPANY  shares excellent advice and explores other topics concerning cross generational attitudes. Their “Think Tanks” allow everyone to share opinions in an open and non-threatening way. They provide fantastic overall discussion and I have personally learned a lot from all of them. I want to thank you all and especially Hessie and her team for […]

A Letter to the Next Generation: Life is the Ultimate Apprenticeship

POSTED ON November 19th  - POSTED IN A Letter to the Next Generation, Generation X Perspectives

As a professional coach, my job is to ask my clients questions rather than give advice. Coaching is based on the belief that every person is creative, whole and resourceful. I’m a GenXer and I know that’s all true. So what I offer is some of the wisdom I’ve learned that may be helpful. You […]

A Letter to the Next Generation (or Two): Six Lessons That Will Change Your Life

POSTED ON October 29th  - POSTED IN A Letter to the Next Generation, Generation X Perspectives

When I was young(er), there existed a mechanism for what I’m about to tell you. Had you been born any time prior to that which you were, it’s likely that like me, you would have experienced it first-hand. It was called mentorship. You of course have heard of this mechanism, and perhaps think that you’ve […]

A Letter to the Next Generation: Millennials, Dream Big but Keep Moving!

If there’s one thing I learned from our Think Tank Series: There is this manufactured divide that prevails between generations. The Media and the Marketing industries continue to perpetuate the differences but do not pay attention to the commonalities that binds the ages: in career, in technology consumption, in relationships and in life experience, in general. […]

A Millennial Perspective: What Marketer’s Don’t Understand About My Generation

POSTED ON August 4th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

There is no word that a Millennial is more tired of hearing than “Millennial.” A cursory Google search will bombard you with headlines that are as contradictory as they are condescending, making bold declarations about a large, complex group of people based off of a few scattered data points. “Millennials want their cars,” the title […]

A Millennial Perspective: What Makes a GREAT Workplace

POSTED ON July 29th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

I work as a Branch Manager for a Credit Union in Pennsylvania where I have been employed for over 5 years; a bit unusual in the current work environment where on average, millennials are leaving their companies in less than 3 years. My experience in Management, Information Technology Services, Branch Operations, Project Management, and Process […]

Millennial Mindset and the Spending Power of Gen Y [Infographic]

POSTED ON July 23rd  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

According to Pew Research, 2015 is the year that the Millennial Generation surpasses the Baby Boomers in size. At 80 Million plus, there are many reasons why marketers want to get into their pocket books. But we have to ask ourselves: Does the Millennial Mindset matter? I do believe there are differences between generations, but it […]

Blended Generation Think Tank: What Makes a Happy and Productive Work Culture?

POSTED ON July 12th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

This Think Tank brings together GenX, GenY and Boomers to discuss the importance of work culture: what keeps them engaged and what keeps them loyal? Our Boomer Think Tank ,  Millennial Think Tank and GenX Think Tank have weighed in. The Definition of Work Culture via Wikipedia is: Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It’s […]

Generational BS Has Driven Us All Mad

POSTED ON July 9th  - POSTED IN Insights

After working for more than a year with a growing Think Tank of Millennials, I can say with 100% certainty, that Millennials aren’t really that unique. Yes, many of them are hard working; many of them work in tech. Many of them ARE close to their parents, and yes, some of them still live at […]