ARCOMPANY is founded on the idea that insights drive everything. Our work involves regularly gathering data from social media channels, blogs, forums, and via search. One of the things we noticed in early 2014 was that while news and social media channels tend to create and reinforce stereotypes around each new generation, Millennials in particular are affected by this. “Lazy” “Entitled” and “Narcissistic” are just a few of the common labels. 

This didn’t square with our experience, so in order to get to the true insights we founded the Millennial Think Tank mid-2014. For 10 months we conducted weekly panel discussions covering a wide range of topics including privacy, brand ethics, globalization, technology, entrepreneurship, the future of work, sports, and how Millennials consume news and entertainment.

In order to understand what generational behaviors are based on age and/or societal changes as a whole, we also developed a GenX and Boomer Think Tank, and added a Blended Generation Think Tank. Each month our panels tackle a specific topic, and we then contrast and compare the qualitative insights gleaned from each discussion, along with looking at large quantitative studies from Pew, and via our own data collection from search and social channels. View the calendar below for upcoming broadcasts, and visit the blog to learn more.