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Blended Generation Think Tank: Employer and Employee Loyalty

POSTED ON August 24th  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank

As we continue our series on the Future of Work, we bring together all generations to discuss employee loyalty. In an economy that is wrought with so much instability, workforce disengagement is at its highest levels at 70%, and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain top talent. Disengaged workers cost the economy $300 […]

Blended Gen Think Tank: Ageism, Racism and Sexism in the Workplace

POSTED ON May 31st  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank

As we round out the Think Tank series on Ageism, Racism, and Sexism in the Workplace, we brought together members of  3 generations to discuss their individual experiences. As we, at ARCOMPANY, continue to explore the Future of Work, these sensitive topics are a reality today. Have we truly progressed over time or do these […]

Blended Generation Think Tank: The Millennial Mindset Definition Creates more Questions

POSTED ON May 11th  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank

When I first explored this topic of the Millennial Mindset, I realized that it may be one area that may actually mitigate the generational divide that exists today. Here are the key insights gathered from our discussion  The Millennial Mindset Comes to Light: Millennial Mindset is generation agnostic. It really seeks to identify people who […]

Blended Generation Think Tank: The Millennial Mindset Comes to Light

POSTED ON May 3rd  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank

Following my earlier post on “Why Millennial Mindset Matters,” it was clear that many peers from across generations were conflicted – not only about the stereotypes that defined their generation, but also about the traits that put they shared with the “Millennial Mindset.” The question of identity came to the forefront. We invited some who had passionate views on this […]

Blended Generation Think Tank: Women in the Workforce – the Saga Continues….

POSTED ON April 12th  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank

At ArCompany we are delving into the Future of Work and changes that organizations must adapt to; business continues to be challenged by the same cultural issues that have existed for over 40 years. In this second BlendedGen Think Tank, we invited women to explore the topic: Evolution of Women in the Workforce. We addressed the strides that women […]

Our First Blended Generation Think Tank: The Multi-generational Workplace – Can GenY, GenX and Boomers Co-Exist?

POSTED ON March 15th  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank

Across the web and within business communities, there is much talk about the Future of Work; economic and technological influences as well as the inherent shifts in demographics that will ultimately impact our work place have us sitting up and taking notice. On a previous Millennial Think Tank we focused on the Multi-generational Workplace. I have […]