millennial-think-tankArCompany launched our Millennial Think Tank in mid 2014 to dispel many of the Millennial stereotypes we tired of reading about.  Weekly we conducted panel discussions covering a wide range of topics including privacy, brand ethics, globalization, technology, entrepreneurship, the future of work, sports, and how Millennials consume news and entertainment.

One of our goals has been to determine what Millennial behaviors are based on youth and/or societal changes as a whole. To truly understand this, we developed a GenX and Boomer Think Tank. Each month our panels tackle a specific topic as individual generations, and we then contrast and compare the qualitative insights gleaned from our discussions.

Click here to see all Millennial Think Tank weekly recaps.


If you are already engaged in or would like to start a serious conversation about the sustainability and long term success of your brand, particularly on the web, we’d love to talk with you.


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