Gen X Think TankAs part of our effort to gain a deeper understanding of generational versus societal behaviors, we added our GenX Think Tank in late 2014.

Our Millennial Think Tank has  provided us with deep, qualitative insights into GenY’s behaviors; in order to get a clear picture of fact versus myth we need to do research across the generations.

A much smaller generation than those on either side of it, GenX  number around 51 million. Often labeled ‘The Forgotten Generation,’ GenX’s their impact on our world has not been slight. They watched and participated in the birth of the world wide web, and they straddle the low tech/high tech eras.

Monthly our 3 generational panels tackle a specific topic, allowing us to compare and contrast findings.

Click here to see all GenX Think Tank weekly recaps.


If you’d like to learn more about gathering insights on GenX, send us a note. 


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