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Millennial Think Tank: Self Expression, Selfies, and Personal Branding

POSTED ON October 26th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

Last week we tackled the fascinating subject of Selfies, Self Expression, and what the phenomenon of Selfies means. Is this generation simply incredibly narcissistic, or is something deeper happening? Our panel included: Samantha Estoesta, a young Millennial working in Public Interest Research Albert Qian, a young Millennial working in Silicon Valley. Kiernan McGinnis, young Millennial, 2nd […]

Millennial Think Tank: The Impact of Social Media on Personal Relationships

POSTED ON October 19th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

This week our Millennial Think Tank went back to the topic of human relationships, but focused specifically on how Social Media has impacted personal relationships. Our panel consisted of: Samantha Estoesta, a young Millennial working in Public Interest Research Albert Qian, a young Millennial working in Silicon Valley Kiernan McGinnis, young Millennial, 2nd year student […]

Millennial Think Tank: On the Road and Blending Generations

POSTED ON October 13th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

Last week we changed things up and did our Think Tank on the road, hosted by ArCompany friend Ken Mueller at his most interesting place of work, Tellus360. This week our panel consisted of 4 generations; Silent, Boomers, Gen X and Millennials, all members of either Lancaster Downtowners or Lancaster Transplant. Both groups share a […]

Gen Z: It’s Too Damned Early to Start Stereotyping

POSTED ON September 30th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

One thing that I’ve learned as I work with our Millennial Think Tank is that, more often than not, sweeping generalizations about 80 million people fall flat. The reality is that Boomers, Gen Xers and even Millennials have a lot in common that is never spoken about. What is most true is that NO generation is a […]

Millennial Think Tank: Marriage and Relationships

POSTED ON September 21st  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

We decided to tackle the Millennial perspective of marriage and relationships after it came up in another hangout, and it was clear that our panel had a lot to say about the topic. We knew we were onto something when we had so many people request to be on this one that we had to […]

Millennial Think Tank: Socialpreneurship and Social Impact

POSTED ON September 14th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

Image credit: kohlmann.sascha on Flickr, CC By-SA 2.0   This week’s Millennial Think Tank broadcast focused on socialpreneurship, in particular looking at companies that include social impact as a core part of their business. We found that the line between socialpreneurship and bigger brand operations / supply chains is actually quite blurred, and there were […]

Millennial Think Tank: What Responsibility Do Social Networks Have to Their Users and Brand?

POSTED ON September 7th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

This week we tackled a subject we touched on in our Globalization hangout: what responsibility do social networks have in regards to their users privacy? The question was of course more complex than that, because we covered both user safety, user responsibility, and the branding issues social networks face. Joining our panel this week were: […]

Millennial Think: Millennial Expectations of Customer Service

POSTED ON August 31st  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

It was a bit of a raucous hangout this week as we tackled out Think Tank’s expectation of customer service. As always, we came away with some fairly profound insights, along with a bit of hilarity. This week we had a panel full of regulars, including: Joe Cardillo,  an older Millennial, Content and Analytics specialist. […]

Millennial Think Tank: How to Find and Keep a Job

POSTED ON August 24th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

This week we switched gears a bit and did a solutions based hangout, at the recommendation of our Think Tanker, Kayvon Asemani. After watching our hangout on the enormous debt burden brought on by student loans, he suggested we help Millennials figure out how to find work. So, we did something a little different and […]