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In Social Marketing Act With Intention or Don’t Waste My Time

POSTED ON June 24th  - POSTED IN Insights

I frequently encounter clients that want to “do” social marketing because they have a Twitter or Facebook account, and in turn they attempt to reduce my role of community manger to merely posting status updates. There are valid reasons why your marketing team wants you on social: Generating data for analysis Responding to customers that […]

Mental Health in the Digital World

POSTED ON May 23rd  - POSTED IN Relationship to Technology

Mental Health Awareness month happens in May, but it is a discussion that should exist year round. One of the most pressing issues of our time is the stigma that surrounds mental health, which prevents individuals from seeking help. In the month of May we commit to talking about mental health from all sorts of […]

Community Managers Anticipate Needs: Why You Must Develop your Company Radar

POSTED ON March 11th  - POSTED IN Context

Community managers fulfill a very important niche in the work place, not unlike the company clerk Radar O’Reilley in M*A*S*H. The company clerk’s real name was Walter, but he earned the nickname Radar for his sixth sense which allowed him to anticipate the needs of his commanding officer before he was asked. His other talent […]