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Social Justice: League Collegiate Outfitters – the Gold Standard of the Apparel Industry

POSTED ON May 25th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

In the spirit of 100% full transparency please know that League Collegiate Outfitters (LCO) is now a client of ArCompany. That is not why I’ve fallen for them hook, line and sinker. Further transparency: Drew Wolf, the founder, is a long time friend of mine and a fellow graduate of Milton Hershey School. I always […]

Social Justice: The Hershey Company’s Social Foundation

POSTED ON September 22nd  - POSTED IN Social Justice

The Social Justice series has been highlighting the power of social media and it’s impact on brands and societal issues over the past several months. Today we decided to pivot slightly and focus on the social good brands and companies are carrying out, sometimes quietly, in the course of  doing business.  This week I’m putting […]