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Do You Really Know the Value of Relationships?

POSTED ON October 15th  - POSTED IN ArCompany, Customer at the Core

It’s finally happened! The democratization of communication has allowed everyone more opportunities to create content, build a stronger voice and platforms to strengthen the presence online. Content is free. Communication is rampant. Advertising has been disrupted in a big way. No longer do the ‘haves’ have exclusive access to platforms and media that grants them […]

Using A Knowledge Library To Build Employee Thought Leadership

POSTED ON June 30th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Altimeter Group has a great quote referencing content measurement across multiple disciplines: But measuring only for sales and leads – or simply relying on volume or vanity metrics such as “likes” and “views” that contain little innate business value or meaning – undermines and devalues investments in time, media, employees, technology, and vendor relationships. The […]

Why We Should Target Customer Conversations, not Demographics

POSTED ON June 11th  - POSTED IN Context

Identify your potential customers by their conversations, not demographics, because personalities cut across social strata, they endure over time, and they are identifiable from social data. We use social data insights as part of a top-down process which starts from the general and moves down into details. This is a new way of thinking about […]

Microsoft, you may have a new name but you still have the old mindset

POSTED ON April 30th  - POSTED IN Insights

Microsoft 10 is currently in the testing phase and being pushed out with a new browser code named “Spartan” (officially Microsoft Edge). This is being staged as a break away from the much-maligned Internet Explorer brand. Two AIs diss Microsoft products in an intro for band Steam Powered Giraffe (2014) When it comes down to […]

Control and the Social Business

POSTED ON April 23rd  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Companies are afraid of a world where customers control the messaging around their brand. This is understandable, since whether you’re a corporation with decades long history or a smaller business the idea of having a customer compare you to Satan on widely available channels like Twitter or Facebook is unpleasant. That all too common possibility, […]

Why Community (And Not Scalability) Matters For Most Brands

POSTED ON March 26th  - POSTED IN Context

Brands are obsessed with scale. Part of the obsession comes from a dependence on quickly evolving marketing technology – there’s a platform or app for nearly everything these days, whether it’s optimizing titles for blog posts and online videos, measuring and tweaking growth levers for inbound traffic, or finding exactly the right time to publish […]

Your Customers Are Not as Stupid as You Think They Are

POSTED ON March 17th  - POSTED IN Insights

I live for numbers, data, formulae, and patterns. Ask me to look for correlation and causation (causality), and I giggle with glee; neck deep in graphs and excel sheets, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Yet, like all data nerds, I can tell you with absolute certainty that just because there is a connection […]

How Boundaries Nurture Compassionate Community Management

POSTED ON February 6th  - POSTED IN Context

Community management traverses a sensitive divide between the needs of the company and those of customers. Some see community as a disruptive way to build revenue as their business grows. Community becomes a tactic meant to impress investors and acquire a user base as quickly as possible. I caution you, a community created in an […]

GenX Think Tank: Social Media’s Impact on Relationships

POSTED ON January 20th  - POSTED IN Generation X Perspectives

For businesses and brands, social media has been instrumental in connecting with audiences, building brand awareness and encouraging customer loyalty. Those use-cases have been well documented, but what about the impact of social media on personal relationships — specifically when one person in a committed relationship is much more active on social networks than the […]

Well Wishes to You from Arcompany for the Holiday Season

POSTED ON December 22nd  - POSTED IN Insights

ArCompany places a high importance on the relationships we have cultivated among our readers, clients, and personal friends. Sometimes it feels as if technology has accelerated the pace at which we work, and has done much less to alleviate the burden. We get involved with assignments, projects, and meetings which take us away from the […]