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Generation X Think Tank Ladies: Finance – Spending and Saving

POSTED ON March 10th  - POSTED IN Generation X Perspectives

During the GenXTT hangout on Finance and Spending, the viewpoints expressed were primarily from a male perspective. This time the ladies take center stage. It was important for us to get this viewpoint because of the diverse roles women have as caregivers, income earners and household decision makers. Our goal was to explore any differences in attitudes and […]

GenX Think Tank Gentlemen: Spending and Investment Habits

POSTED ON February 3rd  - POSTED IN Generation X Perspectives

This week our GenX Think Tank focused on spending and investment habits, and in our research we noted that studies show that compared to Boomers, GenXers tend to be more nimble in the economy. They are more educated, more entrepreneurial and have more women in the workforce. Nimble as they are, GenX was really hit […]

Boomer Think Tank: Investments & Retirement

POSTED ON January 30th  - POSTED IN Boomer Think Tank

On our inaugural Boomer Think Tank, we focused on retirement, and specifically on how Boomers invested for their own retirement. To frame the discussion we outlined these facts: 2 in 5 Boomers have retirement-specific savings accounts. Boomers are 35% more likely to have portfolios worth between $250-$500 000. On top of this, 14.7 million Boomers […]

Marketers: Boomers Still Hold The Wealth And The Power!

POSTED ON January 4th  - POSTED IN Boomer Think Tank

As you may know, ArCompany has both a Millennial and a GenX Think Tank that we founded to dive more deeply into insights about what makes each generation tick. The inspiration for the Think Tanks was to get beyond the stereotypes and determine if certain behaviors were actually generational, due to the age of a […]

Millennial Think Tank: The Enormous Debt Burden, Higher Education Cost, and its Impact

POSTED ON July 27th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

Last Thursday on our weekly Millennial Think Tank Hangout we tackled the issue of the enormous debt burden Gen Y is saddled with, due in large part to the high cost of education. Before I introduce last week’s Tank Members, I’ll frame the discussion with the facts: Since 1982 college tuition fees have increased by 439% The […]

Big Banks & Social: To Be or Not to Be?

POSTED ON April 23rd  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

No less than 8 years ago, I found myself happily making a jaunt away from the banking industry. I decided to flee a dinosaur that was slow to change. It had all the best intentions of tapping into emerging technology – however, riddled with red tape, regulation, and rigid policy, this old and established institution […]