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Social Justice: Wild Idea Buffalo Co. Has A Lot of Heart

POSTED ON February 23rd  - POSTED IN Social Justice

Social Justice has covered a fair number of apparel & outdoor sporting companies for two reasons; the former, because there are so many challenging fair labor issues, and the latter, because its consumers are connected to nature regularly and therefore more eco-aware. This week we turn to a business segment we’ve never covered before: MEAT, […]

Social Justice: Green Guru, Upcycling and Cool Products

POSTED ON February 16th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

As the following for this series has grown, I don’t often have to go looking for companies to spotlight on Social Justice – recommendations come flowing in from social connections or readers.  But this week I was lucky to stumble upon Green Gurus when I googled Made in the USA Social Good and found Designed […]

Social Justice: MiiR Revisited:There is so Much to Tell

POSTED ON February 9th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

Last November we told the story of MiiR bottles and bikes; in our post we raved about their great design and commitment to tremendous social good.  The reality is that I was a bit overwhelmed as I dug deeper into MiiR; this company wasn’t trying to do a bit of social good, it was trying […]

Social Justice: Human Healthy Vending Doing it Differently

POSTED ON January 26th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

HUMAN Healthy Vending is the type of company that gets our minds racing and hearts pumping; they are tackling a difficult problem with unique ingenuity. Much has been written about the obesity problem in the US, and all one has to do is gaze around at any public gathering spot and the evidence is there: […]

Social Justice: Simply Straws is Simply Brilliant

POSTED ON January 5th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

As the mother of a 6 year old that is always on the go (read that as always spilling her drink if it doesn’t have a top screwed on) Simply Straws caught my attention as I surfed through the B Corporation website.   In my home we are eco-conscious to a degree. We recycle and […]

Social Justice: 10 Special Companies Doing Loads of Social Good

POSTED ON December 22nd  - POSTED IN Social Justice

As we round up the year at ArCompany we look back at 12 months filled with tremendously hard work, high stakes decision making, and, thankfully, a fast growing client list.  2103 has been good to us.    This year has been particularly fulfilling for me; when we founded the company I was looking for an […]

Social Justice: Fed by Threads Tackles Hunger in America with Gorgeous Apparel

POSTED ON December 15th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

In my continued search for socially conscious businesses, my twitter friend  Katy Heisterman pointed me in the direction of Fed by Threads, an apparel manufacturer that aims to help solve poverty related issues here in the US.  When I found out the products were all US made, vegan clothing I took a step back; if you know me, […]

Social Justice: Toms Marketplace Deserves a Look

POSTED ON December 8th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

Our post back in October  brought attention to the issues surrounding Toms Shoes’ One for One program and the criticisms the company has received.    That post spawned an interesting discussion about the responsibility of business to do social good, and to ensure that their programs were not only providing  long lasting impact, but not […]

Social Justice: H&M Leading with a Conscious Movement

POSTED ON December 1st  - POSTED IN Social Justice

Prior to this year, it was was not a secret that the clothing industry had some shameful practices in its manufacturing, but the consumer’s desire for cheaper product, and the industry’s desire for bigger profits, kept its questionable methods below the radar  for some time.   When an 8 story building in Bangladesh, Ran Plaza, […]