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The Pitfalls of Selecting a Mentor Today

POSTED ON July 2nd  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

It’s tough these days to find a decent mentor. We live in a period of time here where credibility is based on the perception of capability, rather than the demonstration of it, and where credibility can be manufactured. With the general populous swayed by social media presence, Wikipedia, and the perceived validation that comes with […]

Using A Knowledge Library To Build Employee Thought Leadership

POSTED ON June 30th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Altimeter Group has a great quote referencing content measurement across multiple disciplines: But measuring only for sales and leads – or simply relying on volume or vanity metrics such as “likes” and “views” that contain little innate business value or meaning – undermines and devalues investments in time, media, employees, technology, and vendor relationships. The […]

Give Me a Guidebook and a Map: Mentorship and Millennials

POSTED ON June 25th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

  Anyone who has the (mis?)fortune to work with me knows that I hold myself to a high standard. I absolutely hate disappointing people and take criticism quite seriously. My superiors can take this in two ways: they can just hope that I will find the correct resources on my own to fix my own […]

Why Your Employees Should Strategically Share Content On Social Media

POSTED ON June 23rd  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

The way people communicate has changed. We now often start conversations around pieces of content: “Hey Abby, have you seen this?” How often do you experience this in your social media feeds? How often have you done this? It’s no different in business communications; often you’ll get an email, a text, or a LinkedIn message from […]

Mentorship in the New World of Work

POSTED ON June 18th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Our work with our generational think tanks here at ARCOMPANY has recently focused on the current state of the workplace, and what that workplace will look like in the future. We’ve had many conversations about how the workforce has changed since Boomers and even GenXers first entered it, and Millennials have given us insight into […]

Millennials And Workplace Culture: Do They Have To Match?

POSTED ON June 9th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

As much as we talk about workplace culture, is it really necessary for it to fit a specific age demographic? It may depend on the industry. Some fields are innovative and fluidly structured by their very nature; others function on a more conservative social order by necessity. Equity management may depend on a stricter hierarchy […]

Are Businesses Ready for True Reinvention?

POSTED ON June 2nd  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Lately, I’ve been consumed about the Future of Work. It seems to be the news of the day… every day. When we started ARCOMPANY a few years back the vision was to help companies realize the change that was happening in the market: how people are communicating differently and driving the discussion, how the increasing […]

The Working Dead Part II: How to survive the plague of the undead institution, kick ass and create brains

POSTED ON May 28th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Note: Jason Theodore presented this at FITC earlier this year and we are proud to rerun his incredible post on ARCOMPANY’s blog. This is Part II of the two-part series of the Working Dead.  If you haven’t read Part I of these series please go to: The Working Dead Part I: The Plague of the Undead […]

The Working Dead Part I: The Plague of Undead Institutions

POSTED ON May 26th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Note: Jason Theodore presented this at FITC earlier this year; we are thrilled to re-run his incredible post on ARCOMPANY’s blog. This is Part I of a two-part series of the Working Dead.  Go to Google and type these three words: “work makes me…” Take a look at the auto-completed phrases. We have become the […]