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No ” Diff ” About It: Wikipedia’s Civility, Edit Wars, and the Lack of Duty of Care

POSTED ON February 13th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

Wikipedia, savior of students and trivial pursuit masters across the globe, has recently come under fire for the actions taken by its Arbitration committee, better known as Arbcom, in a long, vicious edit war over the GamerGate Controversy page. Mark Bernstein, one of the founding fathers of hypertext (the system of text having hyperlinks to other […]

Racists Getting Fired: Vigilante Justice or Civic Duty?

POSTED ON December 19th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

Warning: this post contains language which may be offensive. Ferguson has brought conversations on racial inequality to the forefront, causing a wave of buzz on both mainstream and digital media. People are expressing their opinions on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.  It has brought extreme emotion to the surface; many people are frustrated with the justice system and want […]

Social Good and Corporate Transparency

POSTED ON November 22nd  - POSTED IN Social Justice

At ArCompany, we have never shied away from topics of social justice, social good, and corporate transparency. Social media has allowed for a more transparent world. We are living in a a time where businesses are being held accountable for their decisions in the court of public opinion. This is something we are keenly aware […]

Ray Rice, Twitter Mobilization, and Brand Recovery

POSTED ON September 16th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

As someone who works in Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), following stories and mobilizing (either through social media or some sort of direct action) on a whole range of issues is just a part of a typical day for me.  From sustainable food systems to worker’s rights, there is not a single day that passes […]

Social Justice: League Collegiate Outfitters – the Gold Standard of the Apparel Industry

POSTED ON May 25th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

In the spirit of 100% full transparency please know that League Collegiate Outfitters (LCO) is now a client of ArCompany. That is not why I’ve fallen for them hook, line and sinker. Further transparency: Drew Wolf, the founder, is a long time friend of mine and a fellow graduate of Milton Hershey School. I always […]

Social Justice: Lammily and the Millennial Impact on Brands

POSTED ON April 6th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

If you are plugged into social media and/or women’s issues, you have probably heard of  Lammily, the doll created by Nickolay Lamm as an answer to the mythic proportions of Barbie.  I  heard about her on my friend Shelly Kramer’s Facebook Page and ordered one right away; I thought I was late to the game, until […]

Social Justice: Charlie Dog and Friends

POSTED ON March 23rd  - POSTED IN Social Justice

I came across Charlie Dog and Friends while checking out Shop With Meaning’s Pinterest Board, and it ticked quite a few meaningful boxes for me: They are adorable. They tell the stories of real life shelter dogs. Every toy sold raising funds for rescues and no kill shelters. The Humane Society pegs the number of […]

Social Justice: The Birth of a Social Good Company

POSTED ON March 9th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

We have featured quite a few companies on here that are well on their way to mega success.  Never before have had as our subject a company that is just in the early, pre-launch stages of building a socially responsible company. Until this week, when I came across The Simple Cup on my friend Ken […]