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The Digital Age Has Changed Culture, Communication and Business Management Skills

POSTED ON December 9th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Communication has an incredible effect on our lives. It is how we interact with each other, gain information, and learn new things. Communication takes many forms and mediums throughout history; from oral histories and stories, to cave paintings, to town criers and newsboys shouting “Extra, extra, read all about it on” street corners, to twenty-four […]

What are consumer insights and where do we find them?

POSTED ON October 30th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement

When it comes to making a company profitable, business leaders need to understand their consumers.  It’s vital that leaders understand what consumers want and why they what it. Before any leader begins the trek toward understanding his or her company’s consumers, they first need to understand what consumer insights are in the first place. In […]

Do you really know your Customers?

POSTED ON October 9th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

What is the number one way to succeed in business? It is to understand what people want. What motivates people to do certain things and avoid other things? For all businesses, employee motivation is a primary concern. Without employees, the potential of any business is limited to what a single person can accomplish. Employee motivation […]