Friday Finds: The Internet of Everything

POSTED ON February 22nd  - POSTED IN Insights
This week Dave Evans of Cisco Systems caught our attention with this video about what comes next in the evolution of the Internet. His main point? If we’re IN Web 2.0 right now, what happens when we get to the next chapter? He describes a world where people, processes, data and things are all interconnected, […]

Fast Paced Marketing: The New Reality

POSTED ON February 21st  - POSTED IN Context
As I sat down to write this post, the social channels were all abuzz about the Burger King Twitter hacking that occurred Monday morning. If you were under a rock, or on a plane like I was, here’s the basic story: Someone hacked into the Twitter account and stated that McDonald’s had bought BK out […]

Why Taking Ownership on Social Media is Key to Brand Reputation Success

POSTED ON February 12th  - POSTED IN Context
Did you hear? Friday, February 8th when many of us Torontonians were busy shovelling up to 1m of snow, the City of Vaughan Twitter Account, erroneously (the circumstances of which haven’t yet been clarified) sent out this foolish tweet. If you are a community manager, this has possibly happened to you on more than one […]

Friday Finds – Plan to be Spontaneous

POSTED ON February 8th  - POSTED IN Insights
The Super Bowl is always a time of great excitement for anyone in the advertising industry. The phenomenon of the ‘second screen’, as we all sit around and play armchair quarterback in real time as the ads run, has become a tradition for all viewers, not just marketers. And, of course, those ads spawn countless […]

The Social Media Strategist – More Than Just “Being Cool”

POSTED ON February 7th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core
Recently I read and thoroughly enjoyed the book The Social Media Strategist by Christopher Barger. Anyone in a social media management role will find this book of value because of the size and scope of some of the issues Christopher Barger faced at General Motors. Previously, I was consulting to one of Canada’s largest banks […]

Super Bowl Ads: Oreo’s Touchdown & The Taco Bell Fumble

POSTED ON February 5th  - POSTED IN Context
As anyone not living under a rock knows, this past Sunday was Super Bowl night, the highest rated television viewing in the US, and the commercials are as important as the game. Considering that a 30 second ad runs $4 million in 2013, it’s a high stakes game for advertisers. As a marketer, it’s probable […]

Welcome to ArCompany

POSTED ON February 1st  - POSTED IN Insights
Almost four months ago, I came to a cross-roads in my career. Having just left yet another start-up that had tons of promise but eventually began to show signs of waning, it was pretty evident that the frustration I had encountered in the last 7 years in the social media business was coming to a […]

Analytics Are Not the Same as Insights

POSTED ON January 30th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement
Take a look around the web – especially on social networks – and you’ll see a lot of people and brands complaining about their marketing results. From complaining about lack of action on a blog or website to little return on Facebook or LinkedIn, there’s a whole swathe of people blaming the lack of success […]


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