Marketers and brands now have access to huge amounts of data. But what to do with is another problem entirely. Even the most talented / experienced marketers struggle to stay afloat — it’s easy to become fixated on vanity metrics, and lose sight of what’s most important to your brand.

ARCOMPANY CEO, founder, and author Hessie Jones has a background in data / insights, and marketing strategy. The founding of ARCOMPANY was inspired by her frustration with pointless data being used to justify poor results, and the lack of knowledge around collecting, analyzing and using the vast amount of information the web provides.

Her recent book Evolve: Marketing (as we know it) is Doomed looks at the demise of traditional marketing, and the mindset and practices that marketers / brands need to adopt in order to succeed.

As a companion to the book, Hessie has created a workshop to help you:

1) Learn about the evolution of one-to-one marketing and big data

2) Gather insights about your customers, competitors, and the communities that are engaged with your brand (both formally and informally)

3) Understand which marketing tools and technology are right for your brand

4) Measure your marketing efforts, no matter where you’re starting from

In this one day session you & your team will be trained on:

+ Current tools and technology that are evolving the collection and analysis of data

+ How to quickly put together a plan for understanding your data, including looking at website vs. search vs. social channels/online discussion, which content and formats are performing best, and how to use the collected information to improve your marketing

+ Developing standard practices that incorporate the use of data to inform acquisition, retention, website, and content strategies across your company

+ Creating an action plan to train content, marketing and sales team to take an insights / data focused perspective on maximizing response, acquisition and retention opportunities

* Evolve Your Marketing With Data & Insights is available to a maximum of 10 participants.

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