The world of marketing has changed drastically over the past 2 decades, and entire industries have been transformed.

Once deemed the realm of publishing brands only, creating high quality content is now an imperative for medium and large brands. You can find yourself falling behind on feeding the content beast, and it’s never satisfied. Then you must deal with the difficulty of measuring which content, formats, and channels are actually performing best.

At ARCOMPANY everything we do begins with insights. For brands to create content that audiences actually want, understanding and leveraging data is critical; without meaningful insights, brands cannot develop an intelligent and constantly improving content strategy

We will create a workshop to help you:

1) Unify short and medium term tactics with a longer, sustainable content strategy

2) Gain insight into the content themes that are strongest performing (within your brand and within your industry), and where you can experiment with new story lines

3) Learn you what effective, organic content is and how to develop it

4) Figure out how to seed the right communities with content that will engage them and lead back to your owned properties (including email, and your blog and website)

5) Use data from distribution channels to optimize your content formats, and understand what type of content your community consumes and shares

In this one day session you & your team will walk away with:

+ A content strategy you can put to work right away

+ Workflow for quickly creating content — including blog posts, slide decks, infographics, and micro-content.

+ A framework for using content to drive leads to your website, and engage those potential customers who aren’t ready to pick up the phone or send that email quite yet

+ Case studies of brands with top tier content strategies to help keep you on track

* Evolve Your Marketing With Content is available to a maximum of 10 participants.

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