Building a strong, active community around your brand is one of the most time consuming and challenging issues companies face. You’ll find no shortage of hyperbole from gurus and experts about how they can teach you the “3 Magic Tricks That Will Make Everything Perfect.”

The truth is, creating an active community is hard. But if you do it right, the members of your community will  evangelize your products and services, answer questions for potential customers, and provide valuable insights that you can feed back into the development of your products and services.

To build a community you need a strategy to get the right people on board, and incentivize them to stick around and regularly engage with your brand and other members of the community.

We will create a workshop to help you:

1) Learn what it takes to build a strong community

2) Gather insights on and define your target audience

3) Understand the psychology behind engaged communities

4) Quickly define and start using the right set of tools to optimize your community

5) Use real time data streams as well as month over month and year over year information to help you prove the return on investment, and set the right goals as you build

In this one day session you & your team will walk away with:

+ A strategy for building community

+ A model for developing social media policies that empower your team (big or small) to advocate on behalf of your brand, respond to customer and social mentions     online, and manage risk in the event of communications issues

+ Case studies of strong communities to help keep you on track

+ An action plan to identify which of those communities are potential partners as you grow your brand, and to begin working with them to add value in both directions

* Evolve Your Marketing With Community is available to a maximum of 10 participants.

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