Business may be intrigued with AI but decision-makers may have no clue where to begin. Our goal is to educate organizations to adapt to an increasingly digital world to make data driven-business decisions

AI is a natural evolution in digital’s ever-expanding footprint online, to mobile to social media, to sensor information to pervasive instrumentation in our homes, our cars and our bodies. Data is everywhere and now is the time to leverage the vast opportunities to obtain critical insights that drive a sustainable business.

• We will provide the foundational education on AI, its history and where we are today.

• We will provide core definitions and use cases about the differences in machine learning types

• You will understand the key data mining methods and their applicability to solving today’s business problems.

• We will also provide fundamental differences in approaches  between today’s advanced analytics methods and machine learning.

• Understanding AI means also having critical knowledge of the process to develop models from data ingestion, to data cleaning to model training and development. We will provide business examples of this process to bring more clarity to AI.

• We stay abreast of the market to understand the regulations, best practices and influencing opinions and news that will impact industry and operations. From European General Data Protection Regulation to the Ethical AI debate, we will bring these leading issues to you and provide clear implications to your business.

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