Well Wishes to You from Arcompany for the Holiday Season

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ArCompany places a high importance on the relationships we have cultivated among our readers, clients, and personal friends. Sometimes it feels as if technology has accelerated the pace at which we work, and has done much less to alleviate the burden. We get involved with assignments, projects, and meetings which take us away from the people we care most about.

Our constant connected-ness and the pressure to move faster makes receiving a thoughtful hand written noted during the Holiday Season is such a remarkable gesture. What was once a necessity has become a luxury in our world of email, text messages, and status updates. This year the staff of ArCompany wanted to return to the days when companies sent heartfelt greetings to the people who really matter to their business. Please accept the following notes as tokens of our gratitude.

ArCompany’s Holiday Season Greetings, Personal Notes from Staff

Joe Cardillo

“Wishing you and all of the people in your life the very best this holiday season! – Joe”

Joe's Personal note for the holidays

Susan Silver

“This year was transformative in many ways. It brought the blessing of co-workers who I also call friends. Looking forward, I am filled with hope for the New Year and the potential adventure I can see over the horizon of 2014’s setting sun.

All the best to you, your loved ones, and friends this holiday season. – Susan Silver”

A Holiday Message from Susan Silver

Amy Tobin

“As we close out 2014 at ArCompany my overwhelming emotion is of being deeply blessed. I am grateful as we look forward to 2015, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year! – Amy Tobin”

Holiday message from Amy Tobin

Bob Jones

“Twas the night Before Christmas
And all through the cloud
Not a Creature was texting
No smartphone allowed.

To our family, our friends
We give them our thanks
Our clients, our partners
and all our think tanks

#MerryChristmas to All
And to all a GN8!
(Net lingo for good night)

Bob Jones, Sales Elf”

Bob Jones Holiday Message

Hessie Jones

“I have never been more thankful than at this moment. I have blessings of dear friends, a loving family, my health and many promises of a great new 2015.

All the best this holiday.- Hessie Jones”

A holiday message from Hessie Jones

What are you grateful for this year?

photo credit: Greg Knapp via photopin cc

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  1. MrMindMiracle says:

    iSocialFanz AmyMccTobin Season’s Greetings http://twitter.com/MrMindMiracle/status/547636011577405440/photo/1

  2. hessiejones says:

    leaderswest Have an awesome holiday Jim!! Good luck in 2015

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