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Weekend Wrap: Social Media Buzz Edition

POSTED ON March 31st  - POSTED IN Context

As much as we are prone to segregate our Social lives from “Real Life”, or at least view them as separate segments of our ‘social life,’ when big issues are being tackled in Real Life society, the social world serves as a sounding board and debate club for those issues. This week the Supreme Court’s […]

Weekend Wrap: The Measurement Edition

POSTED ON March 17th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement

As we gear up for the week ahead, we take a weekly look at what’s caught our eyes over the past seven days. This week, we’re taking a look at analytics and measurement, and their importance in any brand’s marketing. Oh, and another Google tool gets put out to pasture – will free Docs be […]

Weekend Wrap: The Necessary Element of Planning

POSTED ON March 9th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

This past week our blog here was focused on preparedness issues when it came to social media PR.  We warned about planning for spontaneity and crises management. We talked about fear mongering in the social space and how that should not be the reason to be IN or OUT of it.  Strategy is singularly important. […]