Listening to the Voices of Generations

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The Millennial Think Tank series, started by Amy Tobin, is a leading commentary on the world of today as interpreted through the eyes of each generation. There are many stereotypes out there and we are smashing them with the hammer of truth. Well, some specific truths from our panels about what matters most to them and how they tackle pressing issues of modern life.

Millennial Think Tank’s humble Beginnings

There is a history to the Millennial Think Tank. The origins are humble, beginning with a post which garnered some critical feedback from Millennials. Getting past our own bias and generalizations about Gen Y was an important task. We started talking to our friends and knew there was much more to this story. They had to speak for themselves. You can read the original trilogy of posts that set this whole thing off!

  1. Millennial Matters: Is it possible to BE like Millennials?

  2. Millennial Matters: Could we stop and just slow roll the hating on Gen Y?

  3. The First Millennial Think Tank: What We Learned When We Asked THEM

Popular Posts in the Millennial Think Tank Series

Here are a few of our popular posts from the past few months. The issues cover a wide range with a changing panel week to week. Add us to your circles on Google+ to receive an invite to our chats. They happen every Thursday at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST. You can also chat with us on Twitter at that time using the #MillennialThinkTank hashtag.

  1. The Impact of Technology on Privacy
  2. What Responsibility Do Social Networks Have to Their Users and Brand?
  3. Relationships, Traditional Values & Gender Roles
  4. Self Expression, Selfies, and Personal Branding
  5. The Future of Sports

Gen X Think Tank

Gen X Think Tank launched last month with mods Amy Vernon and Hessie Jones. This tank occurs only twice a month with insights going up the week after the hangout. Last week’s on privacy will be up this Tuesday on the blog!

Gen X Think Tank: The (First) One About Generational Stereotypes

There is plenty going on behind the scenes at ArCompany with the future of our Think Tanks. Please consider subscribing, you’ll have all the updates for the upcoming panels and won’t miss any of the important insights.

What topics would you like to see the Millennial Think Tank cover in future panels?

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