EVOLVE: Marketing(^as we know it) is Doomed!

The Future of Marketing is in the Midst of Revolution. Are you Ready?

It’s clear that marketing has drastically changed in the last decade. The rise of digital accompanied by its ever-evolving technologies in mobile and advertising, will build a perpetual environment of test and learn. Continuous emergence of audience platforms will create a nomadic culture that follows the fickle consumer paths. Ultimately, this will dictate the sustainability of platforms.

No longer do we have only a few mediums for content consumption. In as little as two decades we’ve moved beyond TV, radio, print, billboards. We’ve also raced beyond the standard network channels, and the key national newspapers. We are now exposed to endless content, from our peer networks, our smart phones, and our inboxes. Consumers are overwhelmed and this fragmentation of channel and information continues.

As consumers, our attention has moved to sites that speak to our own areas of interest. They may not necessarily be popular or well known. Our peers greatly influence what we do and where we go. Our ever-trusted smart phones give us access to information about the things we want, when we want them and where we want them. At the other end of the spectrum, we, as consumers are more informed, and more wary of the digital footprint we’re leaving behind.

As two Marketers who have evolved within this volatile landscape, we have both succeeded and failed. Yet we’ve learned, and we’ve adapted…out of necessity.

This book provides you with a view into how we’ve evolved. You’ll be exposed to case examples that continue to shape the way we think the role of marketing needs to change. As digital becomes an increasingly important component of the marketing mix, data and analytics will be even more essential to help businesses be accountable, and more importantly, more curious.

The future of marketing is riddled with new capabilities, which, in turn, creates new challenges. The answers however, are out there. This book doesn’t only speculate on the change, it predicts, defines and clarifies what businesses will need to do to excel at their trade and build brands that customers love.

~Hessie Jones and Daniel Newman

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Arcompany Evolve Marketing is Doomed