Covering the Generations: Millennial, GenX and Boomer Think Tanks

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Millennial Think Tank

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Last July we started our Millennial Think Tank as a way to open a dialog with Millennials; we had become so disgusted by all of the over generalizing going on about this massive generation within the social media marketing bubble. We had one goal: to gain a better understanding and insight into what Millennials thought. Since its inception, the Millennial Think Tank has covered brand ethics, how Millennials consume news, their spending habits, social media’s impact on relationships, and a broad list of topics that impact our culture and how Millennials see things.

We have learned a lot. Each week we gather insights from our on air hangout, and our Sunday blog wrap up is widely read. We now understand that there ARE indeed generational tendencies, especially when it comes to technology and connected-ness, but there is also a wide diversity of opinion among GenY members. Very often our panelists don’t see things from the same perspective.  I wrote about our top insights from 2014 last week.

You can tune into our Millennial Think Tank each Thursday night at 8pm on G+; our next episode, Millennials and their Pets, airs January 8th.

GenX Think Tank

GenX Think Tank

The deeper understanding that our Millennial Think Tank has provided everyone at ArCompany  inspired us to create the same kind of dialog with GenX, and Hessie Jones embarked on that journey a couple of months ago.  A much smaller generation numbering around 51 million, GenX is often labeled ‘The Forgotten Generation,’ yet their impact on our world has not been slight. This generation watched and participated in the birth of the world wide web, and they straddle the low tech/high tech eras.

You can check out her latest recap here. The next episode of our GenX Think Tank, focusing on Social Media and its Impact on Relationships, will be on G+ at 8:30pm on January 13th.

Boomer Think Tank


We knew we could only fully round out our knowledge across the generations if we added a Boomer Think Tank; the need for this became even more apparent after the work I did for a piece that ran on Boomers, the other 80 million strong generation, still hold a tremendous amount of wealth and power. Yes, a lot has been written about Boomers over the years, but, as they age they are still significantly important both for their impact on our economy, and in the political power they wield.

We host our inaugural Boomer Think Tank on January 14th at 8pm, tune in here.


As we use our Tanks to gather insights and understand both generational tendencies, as well as debunk stereotypes, we will build a tremendous bank of knowledge that will deepen our understanding of how to best communicate with human beings of all ages. We are most excited about doing a series of blended generational panels to further open up what we consider a much needed dialog across age groups. We hope you join us on our journey.

If you’d like more information on how your company can work with our Think Tanks, or if you’d like to participate, please Email Us Here.

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