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If Content is King, then LinkedIn May be the New Kingdom

POSTED ON February 28th  - POSTED IN Insights

I recently attended LinkedIn’s Finance Connect in NYC for the third time; I am always interested to learn what has happened since the last conference, what they will announce during the current one, and what they will hint at for the future. This year was no different. The platform continues to grow in membership, time […]

Facebook: Does This 10-Year Old Need Some Serious Time Out?

POSTED ON February 5th  - POSTED IN Insights

So Facebook turned 10 years-old today. Today, Facebook presented me with a Look Back on my own journey since I joined in 2007: My first posts…. as I stumbled to figure out how to use the platform. My most engaging posts… which brought a smile to face. It was pretty nostalgic. Facebook does an amazing […]

Case Study–SteamFeed: Adapting Your Plan From Social Listening Data

POSTED ON January 23rd  - POSTED IN Insights

Editor’s Note: When Daniel Hebert told me his story about Steamfeed, how it started and how they wound up so successful, I knew he had to tell his story. It’s a great case study that relays everything that ArCompany advocates and practices. It’s a must-read for anyone who sees the value of social media intelligence. […]

The ArC Story: Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead

POSTED ON January 21st  - POSTED IN Insights

I promised Gini Dietrich that I would write down my resolutions for the New Year. This meant putting into writing a review of the course ArCompany has taken with an eye to the plans we had from the outset.   I was filled with trepidation about seeing that in writing because, as anyone with experience knows, the social […]

5 of Social Media’s Big Winners in 2013

POSTED ON December 19th  - POSTED IN Insights

The past year has seen a number of failed and successful social media campaigns. And when it comes to the ever-elusive ROI of social media, it really depends on your company’s idea of success metrics. Are you looking to increase attendance at events, bump up sales or increase brand loyalty, awareness or engagement? All of […]

Why Going Viral at All Costs Cannot be the Goal

POSTED ON November 27th  - POSTED IN Insights

Every client we have wants to grow their brand. We assist in crafting their messaging.  We seek out the influencers and existing communities that their target customers are already engaged in so as to build their community.  We do a lot of different things, but at the end of the day the companies who hire […]

Why Behavioural Data is Key to Social Selling Success

POSTED ON October 16th  - POSTED IN Insights

Today, businesses and organizations are looking for more from social media when it comes to lead generation, customer acquisition, churn, and more. This presentation highlights how companies can use behavioural insights from freely available data to meet these needs, and exceed them. And if you’re ready to talk about social selling and its place in […]

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: ArCompany and InNetwork Announce Strategic Partnership

POSTED ON July 15th  - POSTED IN Insights

ArCompany and InNetwork Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership, Combine Social Media Intelligence with Influence Marketing July 15, 2013 – Influence marketing will be an integral part of the marketing suite for most organizations over the next 18 months, according to a recent study of more than 1,300 brand managers, agencies and PR professionals. However, many businesses lack the resources […]

Customers Expect Speed in Social Media

POSTED ON July 10th  - POSTED IN Insights

In a recent survey about customer service, speed topped the list of customer expectations. Of those surveyed, 55% expected companies to respond to Facebook and Twitter posts within 4 hours. Inspired by that information, I rallied a bunch of friends to help me conduct my own stealth form of customer service survey. Given my background […]

The Art Of Storytelling Part 2

POSTED ON June 12th  - POSTED IN Insights

It was a dark and stormy night… No, that’s not how were going to start, but, admittedly, it has become a bit of a cliché for how some stories begin. I still want to talk about stories and storytelling, but before I go any further, please take three short minutes and watch the video above. […]