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Well Wishes to You from Arcompany for the Holiday Season

POSTED ON December 22nd  - POSTED IN Insights

ArCompany places a high importance on the relationships we have cultivated among our readers, clients, and personal friends. Sometimes it feels as if technology has accelerated the pace at which we work, and has done much less to alleviate the burden. We get involved with assignments, projects, and meetings which take us away from the […]

The Early Ditchers of Apple Pay Have it All Wrong

POSTED ON October 31st  - POSTED IN Insights

I read the news that has lined the headlines about Apple Pay and shook my head as I consumed the information: CVS Pulls the Plug on Apple Pay Only the latest to nix mobile payments According to reports (and this made me laugh), Apple Pay uses an NFC chip, which isn’t compatible with CurrentC’s (the […]

The ArC Story: Success Means Moving Fast and Breaking Things

POSTED ON July 22nd  - POSTED IN Insights

Last week, I regrouped with my team at our annual planning meeting. We’ve come along way since we first launched ArCompany February 2013. What follows is my opening speech to my team. This one comes from the heart:) Today, I’m smiling. There are many reasons why — not least of which that we are ALL […]

The Water Gun Theory of Strategy Development

POSTED ON July 17th  - POSTED IN Insights

One day, when I was five, I was out playing in the yard with the little boy next door. It was a typical super hot summer day in the south and I had just gotten a bright green water gun which I was ridiculously proud of. We were playing cops and robbers and on my […]

Anonymous Social Networks: Do You Whisper?

POSTED ON July 2nd  - POSTED IN Insights

It’s easy to sometimes forget that the social media landscape hasn’t always leaned so heavily on real names. That’s largely because Facebook, one of the biggest proponents of the “use your real name online” movement, so dominates the social space (though people have long fought them on the “real name” issue). But before Facebook, there […]

Case Study: @ToscaReno and the Sustaining Power of Community

POSTED ON June 26th  - POSTED IN Insights

I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Tosca Reno in the past few months. I remember being approached by Deb Von Sychowski and Kim Phillips, Co-founders of Patch Design, design agency for Tosca Reno when they told me of this exciting new opportunity to resurge the social strategy for an already exciting brand. I read the […]

In Social Marketing Act With Intention or Don’t Waste My Time

POSTED ON June 24th  - POSTED IN Insights

I frequently encounter clients that want to “do” social marketing because they have a Twitter or Facebook account, and in turn they attempt to reduce my role of community manger to merely posting status updates. There are valid reasons why your marketing team wants you on social: Generating data for analysis Responding to customers that […]

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (#CASL): The Bane of the Canadian Communication Industry

POSTED ON June 11th  - POSTED IN Insights

I attended the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Session last week in Toronto. The new legislation, effective July 1, 2014 is stirring up the marketing industry, with marketers struggling to really grasp the essence of the new law and what it means to their individual businesses. Bravo to the DMA for getting all the marketers out. […]

#MeshCon: @Storyful and the Rise of the New Journalism

POSTED ON May 29th  - POSTED IN Insights

One of the most fascinating sessions at #MeshCon was this interview Mathew Ingram, Cofounder of Mesh, had with Mark Little, Founder and CEO of Storyful. Former foreign correspondent, Mark Little had an epiphany: as a journalist he witnessed a revolution unfolding before his eyes, accompanied by a brutal realization that would alter the world of […]

Do the Right Thing: Social Media and the New Accountability

POSTED ON March 5th  - POSTED IN Insights

Over the past few decades or so, there has been a rising tide of personal reactions against the idea of big business. In  many communities, including mine, we have seen a backlash against big box stores and malls, and a resurgence of interest in downtown, small business shopping. Buy local campaigns are thriving all over, […]