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Generation X Think Tank Ladies: Finance – Spending and Saving

POSTED ON March 10th  - POSTED IN Generation X Perspectives

During the GenXTT hangout on Finance and Spending, the viewpoints expressed were primarily from a male perspective. This time the ladies take center stage. It was important for us to get this viewpoint because of the diverse roles women have as caregivers, income earners and household decision makers. Our goal was to explore any differences in attitudes and […]

GenX Think Tank Gentlemen: Spending and Investment Habits

POSTED ON February 3rd  - POSTED IN Generation X Perspectives

This week our GenX Think Tank focused on spending and investment habits, and in our research we noted that studies show that compared to Boomers, GenXers tend to be more nimble in the economy. They are more educated, more entrepreneurial and have more women in the workforce. Nimble as they are, GenX was really hit […]