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Blended Generation Think Tank: The Millennial Mindset Definition Creates more Questions

POSTED ON May 11th  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank

When I first explored this topic of the Millennial Mindset, I realized that it may be one area that may actually mitigate the generational divide that exists today. Here are the key insights gathered from our discussion  The Millennial Mindset Comes to Light: Millennial Mindset is generation agnostic. It really seeks to identify people who […]

Is the Financial Services Industry Poised for Market Disruption?

POSTED ON May 5th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

At one point in time, when you opened a new account at your local bank, and the expectation was that you’d stay awhile.  As time went on, your relationship with your bank grew:  when you needed to add a checking account… when you needed a student loan… when you were buying your first house. Back then, being a […]

Blended Generation Think Tank: The Millennial Mindset Comes to Light

POSTED ON May 3rd  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank

Following my earlier post on “Why Millennial Mindset Matters,” it was clear that many peers from across generations were conflicted – not only about the stereotypes that defined their generation, but also about the traits that put they shared with the “Millennial Mindset.” The question of identity came to the forefront. We invited some who had passionate views on this […]

Why Should the Millennial Mindset Matter?

POSTED ON April 16th  - POSTED IN Generation X Perspectives

I hear it everyday: countless peers talking about The Millennial Mindset it as if were a ‘thing’ – a prevailing view that transcends generations. When I started recruiting for The GenX Think Tank, some were hesitant to join because they could not necessarily identify themselves as GenX. I questioned whether the Millennial Mindset was a myth. Since we […]

Blended Generation Think Tank: Women in the Workforce – the Saga Continues….

POSTED ON April 12th  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank

At ArCompany we are delving into the Future of Work and changes that organizations must adapt to; business continues to be challenged by the same cultural issues that have existed for over 40 years. In this second BlendedGen Think Tank, we invited women to explore the topic: Evolution of Women in the Workforce. We addressed the strides that women […]

Episode 29 Millennial Think Tank – Remote Workforces

POSTED ON April 3rd  - POSTED IN ArCompany

Technology has permeated every aspect of our society; its impact on the modern workforce has meant a shift in work schedules, flexibility, and even our concept of the culture of work. This week our Millennial Think Tank focuses on the good, bad, and ugly aspects of working remotely, and most importantly, how to do it right. […]

Episode 3 Boomer Think Tank – Ethical and Social Responsibility

POSTED ON April 1st  - POSTED IN ArCompany

When asked if they would consider themselves to be an ethical consumer (An ethical consumer is someone who shops for products and services that they consider to be made ethically. Ie. with minimal harm to, or exploitation of, humans, animals, and/or the environment), those aged 45- 59 (60%), and individuals aged 60 and up (70%) […]

Episode 2 Boomer Think Tank – Late Entrepreneurship

POSTED ON April 1st  - POSTED IN ArCompany

In the study “The Coming Entrepreneurship Boom,” the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation reports that from 1996 to 2007, Americans between the ages 55 and 64 had a significantly higher rate of entrepreneurial activity than those ages 20 to 34. This #BTT  will focus on entrepreneurship endeavors later in life and how that is transforming the startup community. […]

Episode 1 Boomer Think Tank – Investments

POSTED ON April 1st  - POSTED IN ArCompany

Welcome to the first Boomer Think Tank. Boomers are 35% more likely to have portfolios worth between $250-$500 000. On top of this, 14.7 million Boomers have shopped for stocks in the last 6 months, and 6.8 million Boomers have bought/sold them. This #BTT , we will focus on investments post-2008 recession, how many Boomers still have […]

GenX Think Tank: Fueling Capitalism and Connections in the Collaborative Economy

POSTED ON March 29th  - POSTED IN Generation X Perspectives

There is a powerful cultural force that continues is shaping the way we consume and behave; it didn’t come into existence overnight. The Collaborative Economy was born with the start of the Internet, and has grown and impacted the economy as it builds in strength. Forbes reported in October 2013: The revenue flowing through the […]