Amy McCloskey Tobin

“Marketers, brands, even news organizations, put out a lot of information about Millennials, but much of the time they are oversimplifying what motivates each generation. Some myths seem true on the surface, yet when we dig deeper for actionable insights insights, and talk directly to Boomers, GenX, Millennials, and eventually Gen Z., we learn that things aren’t always as they appear.”

Amy Tobin spent a decade+ in sales in the manufacturing and B2B spaces before embracing social media in a big way when it became clear to her how deeply it would impact consumer behavior. Amy specializes in generational research / insights, along with content development & strategy.

Amy uses data to go beyond the gross generalizations commonly made by marketers and brands, and founded ARCOMPANY’s Millennial Think Tank to debunk many of the popular myths.

Speaking with Millennials directly instead of pontificating about them has helped ARCOMPANY separate fact from fiction amid the hyperbole that too many marketers/brands spew about this massive and misunderstood generation. The knowledge gathered from the Millenial Think Tank led to the founding of GenX and Boomer Think Tanks, and Amy’s work with those additional segments gives her a depth of knowledge on consumer behavior across all generations.

Among the topics Amy regularly speaks about:

+ Bridging Workplace Gaps Between Generations

Technology has altered the workplace,  and as the 80 million strong Millennial generation gets its foothold, it too is impacting how we communicate at work. Much ado is made about generational differences in communication particularly; being aware of the challenges makes it a lot easier to create a productive work culture that includes all age groups.

+ The Future of Work: What managers and HR Need to Know About  Working with GenX, Millennials, and Gen Z

As the younger generations begin to work their way up the corporate ladder, their communication styles, workplace preferences, and even values impact work culture across organizations. Understand GenX thru GenZ is essential for both HR and decision makers across your organization.

+ The Hard Facts About Generational Wealth and Power in the US

Two thirds of America’s wealth is still in the hands of Boomers, and when you look closely at where the power is vested, you may be reluctant to focus ALL of your energy on GenY. Understanding where the power and wealth reside, and how they will be transferred to younger generations is critical to marketing strategies of organizations big and small.

+ Generational Bullshit: Lies, Damn Lies & Millennial Statistics

This is the myth busting talk that will sort through all of the BS and get to the core reality of what Millennials really want, how the consume, and what they need from a work environment.

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