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How Social Data is Changing Marketing Research

POSTED ON March 12th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement

There is a good news / bad news situation that has been growing for marketers. The good news is that collecting data on customers and general audiences is more sophisticated and accessible than it’s ever been. On the other hand, that’s something of a problem. It’s not hyperbole to say that most marketers are drowning […]

Using the Median to Measure Performance for Social Media Marketers

POSTED ON December 26th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement

Measuring performance is key for social media marketers.  There is no reasonable way to predict performance without accurate numbers. Choose your methods of performance measurement  wisely. Consider the issues when  making inferences from data grabbed from social networks like Twitter. As a marketer using social media  you also have limited data to work. On Twitter […]

Leadership Perspectives 2014: Lessons from Technology and Digital CEOs

POSTED ON December 23rd  - POSTED IN Insights

As we move into 2015, it’s clear where the market going. Many of us who work in the social media and tech space have helped propel this industry forward as it makes significant inroads into the fabric of organizations. The road has been long and for some of us, it’s still challenging. Any start-up businesses requires a lot […]

Will The #FutureOfBusiness Radically Change Everything As We Know It?

POSTED ON December 4th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

I had the pleasure of taking part in GoToMeeting in Canada’s #FutureOfWork debate on Twitter recently. It brought together business and technology discussing emerging trends with respect to Collaboration, The Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Workforce Disruption that will impact how business will function in the future. And while I saw substantial perspective from the business side, I noticed that the […]

Are Technology and Marketing Clashing in the C-Suite?

POSTED ON October 7th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

For the past 20+ years, there may have been no two positions in an organization more disconnected than marketing and technology. Even as companies began to take on marketing automation and tools for email marketing, social media and other marketing activities, it wasn’t at all uncommon for marketing to manage their tools while IT put their focus on […]

@Crowdly: Engaging your Most Passionate Advocates

POSTED ON August 14th  - POSTED IN Context

When I met Dan Sullivan, Founder of Crowdly, I was very interested in his platform and how he was leveraging the Page fans to enable Brands to get the most out of their Facebook Fans. Where Facebook continues to incentivise brands to buy more ad space to maximize their exposure, Crowdly’s proposition is simple: Surface, […]

The Water Gun Theory of Strategy Development

POSTED ON July 17th  - POSTED IN Insights

One day, when I was five, I was out playing in the yard with the little boy next door. It was a typical super hot summer day in the south and I had just gotten a bright green water gun which I was ridiculously proud of. We were playing cops and robbers and on my […]

In Social Marketing Act With Intention or Don’t Waste My Time

POSTED ON June 24th  - POSTED IN Insights

I frequently encounter clients that want to “do” social marketing because they have a Twitter or Facebook account, and in turn they attempt to reduce my role of community manger to merely posting status updates. There are valid reasons why your marketing team wants you on social: Generating data for analysis Responding to customers that […]

The New Community: Marketers Take Note!

POSTED ON June 19th  - POSTED IN Context

We all remember where we grew up in our formative years.  It was a big city or a small farm town or something in between, but we usually remember it as home. As we mature in life and we move from place to place and sometimes put down new roots, we are still creatures of […]

Are You Ignoring the Power of LinkedIn?

POSTED ON June 4th  - POSTED IN Context

I deliver a lot of presentations and workshops related to social media and social selling. Usually I begin by surveying the audience with a number of questions, such as a show of hands from those who have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as some of the younger platforms, like Instagram. Most of […]