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Why Community (And Not Scalability) Matters For Most Brands

POSTED ON March 26th  - POSTED IN Context

Brands are obsessed with scale. Part of the obsession comes from a dependence on quickly evolving marketing technology – there’s a platform or app for nearly everything these days, whether it’s optimizing titles for blog posts and online videos, measuring and tweaking growth levers for inbound traffic, or finding exactly the right time to publish […]

Omni Channel Customer Service at its Finest

POSTED ON March 3rd  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

Everybody hates Comcast. If you think that’s an exaggeration, just Google “Comcast” and it will turn up gems like this: 15 years ago in Boston I made a vow to go Cable-less rather than ever be a Comcast customer again. That, coupled with years of experience listening to my friends complain about horrific customer service […]

Being Customer-Centric Isn’t Just About Brand Reputation, It’s About Insight, Too

POSTED ON February 26th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

Customer-centricity is a misunderstood concept. Often, people see it as a way to increase brand reputation but, as evidenced by frequent, unsolicited product feedback and customer service queries on social channels, it can be the source of a whole lot more, including better, more focused marketing and product development insights. One component is personalizing your […]

The Dance Between Brand and Consumer Goes On; Are You in Sync?

POSTED ON November 1st  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

The dance between Brand and Consumer represents the struggle between marketers, data, and personal privacy. Big data gives us more access to the lives of our customers, but they have much at stake when giving up their information. Hessie Jones tackled this topic when she wrote “Quid Pro Quo: The Ultimate Dance Between the Brand […]

Millennial Think: Millennial Expectations of Customer Service

POSTED ON August 31st  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

It was a bit of a raucous hangout this week as we tackled out Think Tank’s expectation of customer service. As always, we came away with some fairly profound insights, along with a bit of hilarity. This week we had a panel full of regulars, including: Joe Cardillo,  an older Millennial, Content and Analytics specialist. […]

Community Managers Anticipate Needs: Why You Must Develop your Company Radar

POSTED ON March 11th  - POSTED IN Context

Community managers fulfill a very important niche in the work place, not unlike the company clerk Radar O’Reilley in M*A*S*H. The company clerk’s real name was Walter, but he earned the nickname Radar for his sixth sense which allowed him to anticipate the needs of his commanding officer before he was asked. His other talent […]

@UnitedBakersTO: Toronto’s Oldest Restaurant is Connected with its Customers

POSTED ON October 23rd  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

I’ve been going to UB (patrons’ lingo of United Bakers Dairy Restaurant) for many years. Truth be told, my brother married a wonderful girl named Irene, who works there with her amazing mom, Helen Zellermayer, Manager of United Bakers.  It was here that Mrs. Z. introduced me to the delicious pea soup when I was […]

Quid Pro Quo: The Ultimate Dance Between the Brand and Consumer

POSTED ON July 17th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

The sustainability of today’s business in a world increasingly controlled by the customer seems daunting for many businesses, who are used to and, in many cases, hell bent on maintaining status quo with respect to how they market their products and communicate with their customers. The pundits are saying this: In order to adapt to […]

Customers Expect Speed in Social Media

POSTED ON July 10th  - POSTED IN Insights

In a recent survey about customer service, speed topped the list of customer expectations. Of those surveyed, 55% expected companies to respond to Facebook and Twitter posts within 4 hours. Inspired by that information, I rallied a bunch of friends to help me conduct my own stealth form of customer service survey. Given my background […]